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Privacy Policy for Stealth Capitalist

INDIETECH OÜ is an Estonian Limited Liability Company (LLC, also known as OÜ), registered under VAT EE102204759 and headquartered in Tallinn, Sepapaja 6, 15551, Harju, Estonia. The creator, owner, and maintainer of the website Stealth Capitalist, whose domain is

Stealth Capitalist is a website that provides content related to finance by displaying news and promoting financial products and services. The Credit Stacker exposes proposals from partner companies and financial groups, redirecting the user to the corresponding pages when relevant.

The site’s main objective is to bring the user closer to that product or service that best fits. The main products and services referenced are credit cards, financing, investments, and trends in the appreciation of the economy worldwide.

The mere visit to Stealth Capitalist can provide some information about the user and the voluntary provision of personal data through the forms for receiving specific material. For this reason, The Credit Stacker makes this Privacy Policy available to users.

Through the Privacy Policy, the user is aware of the treatment directed to personal data collected by Stealth Capitalist as a form of protection for both parties. From now on, it is essential to highlight that the mere visit to the site already constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If the user disagrees with this policy, he/she must stop visiting The Credit Stacker website and not enjoy its contents.

For all purposes, primarily legal, this Privacy Policy must be interpreted together with the Terms of Use. Both documents comprise Stealth Capitalist’s position concerning the data collected and responsibilities arising from the relationship established between the parties, from the maintenance of the website by The Credit Stacker and the visit to the website by the user.

Stealth Capitalist activities

First, it is essential to clarify that Stealth Capitalist is a news and promotion site for financial products and services. Credit cards, financing, and other financial trends are leading products and services. Although the channels present on the site intend a personal contract with users, this is never done by The Credit Stacker.

Stealth Capitalist only promotes products and services through news and content in general. Any contracts and commercial relationships established between users and Advertising Partners are entirely separate. For this, the user and the partner must use a specific platform.

For this reason, Stealth Capitalist never collects bank details, financial information, or any other data regarding the personal and financial life of its users. The relationship established between The Credit Stacker and users is exclusively informative.

If the user receives any communication in this regard requesting data (e-mail, SMS message, and others), Stealth Capitalist asks contact by [email protected] to verify what happened. Still, Stealth Capitalist bears no responsibility for attempted fraud by third parties.

Thus, visiting Stealth Capitalist may generate two types of collections of users’ data: personally identifiable data and non-identifiable data.

Personally identifiable data

Mere browsing on Stealth Capitalist does not collect personal data from the user. However, the user can register in the restricted area to receive unique content. For this, the user must, by his act, inform personal data such as name, e-mail, telephone, and address.

The collection of personally identifiable data in the restricted area is for Stealth Capitalist to offer exclusive content to the user and certify that it is, in fact, a person, physical or legal. In this way, it is possible to outline individual strategies for each user.

It is also possible to collect personal data if the user contacts Stealth Capitalist to acquire information or communicate any problem that he/she identifies. In this case, the data will be stored for site administration control.

Non-Personal Data (Log Files, Cookies and Web Beacons)

In addition to the personally identifiable data voluntarily granted by the user for registration in a restricted area or direct contact, there is the collection of non-personal data. Non-personal data comprises a set of digital information made available from the mere visit of the user to Stealth Capitalist.

This is a standardized data collection policy worldwide. Every website collects this data to enable the formulation of an individualized user experience. In this way, it is possible to offer the product or service that best suits the user’s interest and formulate parameters for advertising partners to build their campaigns.

The data collected by Log Files includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamp, referring/exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks.

Stealth Capitalist also uses Cookies and Web Beacons to collect information about users’ preferences. Cookies are also a standardized practice and comprise a mechanism for recording data, especially user clicks, to trace a consumption profile.

The information collected by Cookies is used to offer products and user experiences that best suit their profile, increasing the chance of acceptance and use of what is suggested. The user can always disable Cookies by their operating system. On the contrary, there is tacit acceptance in the absence of deactivation.

Children information

Stealth Capitalist does not intend to collect information from children under the age of 13 and encourages parents and guardians to be aware of any visits by children in their care to websites.

However, given the potential impossibility of identifying the absolute age of users, Stealth Capitalist is committed to deleting personal information from children as soon as this situation is identified.

Likewise, Stealth Capitalist provides a direct contact channel to inform this situation when identified by parents and guardians. In this case, please get in touch by [email protected] so that the appropriate measures for data removal are taken.

Advertising Partners and Third Party Privacy Policies 

Stealth Capitalist produces informative content about the financial market. For that, it indicates the pages of its Advertising Partners to the users to acquire products and services within its sphere of interest.

In this regard, it is vital to inform that the user’s view of the ads present on the page in Stealth Capitalist generates a data report to Advertising Partners. They automatically receive the user’s IP when this occurs through Cookies, Web Beacons, and JavaScript technologies. Their purpose is to measure the effectiveness of the ads.

Stealth Capitalist has no control over the Cookies used by Advertising Partners. Again, the authority for disabling these cookies is also up to the user through their operating system.

In addition to viewing the ads, redirecting the user to the Advertising Partner page does not create any relationship by itself. This privacy policy only concerns user visits to Stealth Capitalist.

Thus, considering that each web page has its privacy policy, the user must be aware of the respective Privacy Policy of the Advertising Partners in the event of doubt in this regard. Stealth Capitalist has no control over the registration mechanisms of its Advertising Partners.

In this sense, Google is one of Stealth Capitalist’s Advertising Partners, as it collects user visitation data through Dart Cookies. To decline the use of Dart Cookies, the user may deactivate this mechanism and learn about google’s privacy policy by clicking on the link below:

In addition to Google, Stealth Capitalist provides links below to consult the Privacy Policies of each of its Advertising Partners:


Protection of user data when browsing the Internet is guaranteed in the United States by CCPA Privacy Rights for California consumers and GDPR Data Protection Rights.

According to these laws, in general, the consumer has the right to request public information about the data collected, request that information be erased, stop being sold, and even sue the company in the event of disagreement.

Thus, if it is in the user’s interest, Stealth Capitalist is fully available to provide all necessary information and promote appropriate procedures following the user’s understanding and the prescription of the law. To this end, Stealth Capitalist provides the following contact channel [email protected].

Information security

Stealth Capitalist does not sell the information it collects from its users. However, as mentioned above, it may share the information with partners to improve the user experience and outline development strategies for your products and services. The user can always expressly request not to share their information under the terms of the CCPA and GDPR laws.

Finally, Stealth Capitalist declares that it follows all data collection and storage security standards. Its sole purpose is to improve the user experience and articulate strategies, services, and products for the development of the website.

But, it is well known that a file will never be absolutely inviolable in the field of the Internet. Thus, Stealth Capitalist reserves the right of defense in the event of data breach by third parties in bad faith by appropriate legal means.