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Discover the coveted roles that are in high demand at Standard Bank!

Standard Bank
Make up to R 92,683. Source: Stealth Capitalist

Check out job vacancies at Standard Bank, one of South Africa’s largest banks, with competitive salaries and great employee benefits.

Standard Bank

Apply for Standard Bank Job Vacancies

Want to apply for job vacancies at Standard Bank? Then don't miss our article – secure employee benefits and much more! Read on!

Discover exciting opportunities and earn up to R 92,683 per month. Keep reading!

Job positions at Standard Bank

Standard Bank is currently hiring for several specialized vacancies in South Africa.

Here are some of the sought-after jobs available:

1. Internal Auditor – Technology

This full-time role at Standard Bank requires excellent communication skills and meeting deadlines.

Also, it involves developing expertise in IA Data Analysis. Responsibilities also include effective stakeholder communication.

Still, it requires fostering data analysis expertise through AI techniques and conducting internal audits for compliance.

2. Sales Consultant

As a Sales Consultant at Standard Bank, you’ll sell items in the contact center (inbound and outbound).

The main goal is to maintain customer loyalty, along with a professional reputation.

So, candidates should be good communicators, detail-oriented, and able to handle pressure well.

3. Business Risk Analyst

The Business Risk Analyst position comes with managing complexities, providing risk advice, as well as assurance of compliance.

Still, it requires problem-solving and organizational skills that show an understanding of finance and banking regulations.

You’ll analyze, monitor, and also deliver risk info for specific portfolios to drive risk remediation efforts.

4. Credit Evaluation Manager

Standard Bank home page
Discover the coveted roles that are in high demand at Standard Bank! Source: Standard Bank

As a Credit Evaluation Manager, your duties are many, such as:

  • Assessing lending applications;
  • Conducting credit risk evaluations;
  • Ensuring lending principles align with the bank’s risk parameters.

To be successful in this role, you must have technical competencies, such as loan processing and account maintenance.

Also, you must have data interpretation skills and the ability to interact with people.

5. COBOL Developer

In this job, your main responsibility is to apply computer science theories and principles to create and optimize programs.

It involves things such as writing codes, debugging, and testing.

So your technical competencies should include:

  • Agile development;
  • Writing codes;
  • Automated unit testing;
  • Application knowledge;
  • IT development.

Average salary

The Standard Bank pays competitive salaries.

Sales consultants can earn around R 7 181, however, internal audit managers have higher salaries, more or less R 92,683 monthly.

Business risk analysts can make R46,351 per month, and credit evaluation managers R81,668. Finally, COBOL developers earn around R50,968.


At Standard Bank, employees receive many benefits which contribute to their professional and personal growth.

Also, it has partnerships with leading tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The bank still offers permanent health insurance coverage and preferential rates on home loans as well as vehicle finance.

Still, you can get easier credit access, discounts on banking products, and recognition programs.

Finally, there are many types of leave, such as parental, study, sabbatical, and sick leaves.

Standard Bank: company overview

Standard Bank Group (SBG) is a commercial bank headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since 1862, SBG has offered financial services, from day-to-day banking to investment, insurance, and wealth management solutions.

Get a job at Standard Bank: learn how to apply

Discover the secrets to applying for one of Standard Bank’s job opportunities in our post below. Stay tuned!

Standard Bank

Apply for Standard Bank Job Vacancies

Want to apply for job vacancies at Standard Bank? Then don't miss our article – secure employee benefits and much more! Read on!

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