The Credit People review: repair your credit with confidence

To repair your credit, it is important to rely on a reliable service. So, you can get to know The Credit People review and see how it works. Read on!


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 11/12/2022

The Credit People: credit score restoration, discounts for couples, and free score consultation

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Read our Credit People review! Source: The Credit People

A good credit score helps you achieve your dreams, like owning a home or buying a car. Therefore, this The Credit People review has shown you an interesting, useful option.

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How to apply for The Credit People

Those looking for credit recovery can count on The Credit People. And you can easily apply and get results in 60 days! Check out how to apply today!

The Credit People is a consulting service that helps you remove negative credit reports.

That way, you gradually increase your score and improve your financial health. Learn more about how this option works.

How do The Credit People work?

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The Credit People is a consulting service that helps rebuild credit. In this sense, the company provides services that help remove the negative name at credit agencies.

To access The Credit People, you must subscribe to a $419 flat-rate plan. On the other hand, you can opt for a monthly fee of $79. However, in both cases, there is an initial fee of $19.

After contracting one of the plans, you will have access to the range of services offered. You may have ongoing credit reports and negative reporting disputes. That is, the company contests its negative records.

You can also access late payment removal reports to major credit bureaus. Finally, you can also count on debt validation and some optional add-ons.

The Credit People: learn the advantages and disadvantages

The Credit People, featured in this review, helps rebuild credit by paying a fee. However, like other options on the market, it has positives and negatives. Check out the pros and cons of this option.


  • Free access during the first week, with free credit consultation and monitoring;
  • Cancellation at any time, according to dissatisfaction, and refund for the previous month;
  • Discount in the case of double plans where the spouses close the service simultaneously.


  • Fixed price plan with a high associated cost of $419, flat rate. You can also opt for monthly services;
  • Customer support is very limited as it does not offer 24/7 support as it is only available over the phone;
  • There is no possibility of additional add-ons, such as identity theft insurance.

Who is it suitable for?

This review by The Credit People showed that it is an ideal service for people who need to rebuild their credit. For this, the agents must pay a monthly or unit fee to carry out the operations.

So, if you have any negative history or creditor reports to be disputed, this service is for you. By hiring The Credit People, you can recover your credit score and have good business options.

If you want to have lower interest rates and better financing conditions, this option is also recommended for you. With The Credit People’s monthly report, you can see how your score is improving.

Want to apply for The Credit People? We help you affiliate

As you saw in this review by The Credit People, restoring your credit with this service is possible.

However, for the hiring to be successful, it is important to know how to submit correctly. Check out this post for the step-by-step.

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How to apply for The Credit People

Those looking for credit recovery can count on The Credit People. And you can easily apply and get results in 60 days! Check out how to apply today!

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