Coutts World Silk Credit Card: Used by British Royalty

See what benefits the royal family can enjoy and how to apply for yours.

Stealth Capitalist.

Source: Coutts Facebook Page

The Coutts World Silk credit card offers exclusivity, luxury, and a host of top-notch perks for frequent travelers.

Source: Stealth Capitalist.

The card is offered by Coutts & Company, a private bank with exclusive customers known for being used by the British Royal Family.

The card limit is customized and varies according to the analysis made of the financial profile of the person who requests it.

Typically, "gold" credit cards require annual fees, but this is not the case with Coutts World Silk.

It has a rewards program that offers the cardholder a series of lavish gifts as spending increases! In addition to other benefits.

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