The seven levels of financial freedom

See how to grow your income beyond self-reliance, according to Sebatier's principles.

Stealth Capitalist.

Grant Sabatier is a millionaire who has accumulated his capital. He has earned enough income to live on his investments until the end of time.

When it comes to the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement, Sabatier is one of the biggest names.

Sabatier doesn't see money as something to buy things but rather as providing choices for how you want to spend your life.

In his book entitled "Financial Freedom," the millionaire offers a way to start a path of money security.

Seven levels of financial freedom, according to Sabatier:

1. Clarity; 2. Self-sufficiency; 3. Breathing room; 4. Stability; 5. Flexibility; 6. Independence Financial; 7. Abundant Wealth.

To conquer your financial freedom, you need to study and stay focused.  Get a better understanding of Sabatier's levels in the content we've prepared for you.