What are the benefits of cashback?

See how this tool can help you reduce expenses.

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Credit cards with cashback offer a great solution to keep shopping and saving money simultaneously.

Looking closely at the returns percentages, you may think it's not worth it, especially if the value is below 5%. Therefore, we will explain to you why cashback is in your favor.

Cashback is a practical tool to fight inflation: by paying for something and getting 1% of the value back, you offset some or all of the effect inflation has on the product.

Inflation is not constant, but if you looked at the price of the same product 1 year ago, you would see that 1% offsets the inflation of the item you purchased, saving your expenses.

There are different types of cashback, and before choosing a financial product, it is essential to pay attention to this factor to choose one that meets your needs.

Check out three pros and cons of having cashback and find out if it makes sense to include it in your purchases!