Applying for the Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card: learn how!

The Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card is perfect for helping you rebuild credit. See what are the steps to make the application!


Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card: easy application with a low score

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Learn about how to apply for the Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card! Source: Indigo Card

The Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card is a great option for those who need a card but don’t have enough score. It allows us to pay bills while helping to rebuild credit.


Credit Card

Indigo® Mastercard®

low score fair APR

No credit score requirement, fair APR and simple online application.

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However, it is not enough to meet the requirements to qualify and be approved, it is essential to know how to apply.

The application can be made online and by application and requires the correct filling. Know more!

Apply online

Applying for the Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card is essential to fulfilling the requirements. In this sense, it is important to be over 18 years of age and to be a US citizen residing in the US.

The online application can be made through a notebook or computer with internet access.

However, it is important to fill in the registration with as much data as possible and wait for the evaluation.

Apply using the app

Unfortunately, there is not much information about a mobile app for Indigo. So, if you think this card is the bets option for you to build credit, you can follow the steps above to complete your application!

Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card vs. Freedom Gold Card

Indigo Feeedom gold card
See how these cards compare! Source: The Sealth Capitalist

While the Indigo® Card is a great option for anyone needing credit, it’s not the only one. An alternative to this card is the Freedom Gold Card.

In addition, the Freedom Gold Card allows for a higher credit limit, which can be as high as $750. Annual fees may be higher than Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card due to the low APR.

However, the options must be evaluated individually, according to each person’s objective. Check out the comparison between these options and see which makes the most sense in your routine.

Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card

  • Credit Score: Bad / Poor;
  • Annual Fee: $75 in the first year. Then, $99;
  • Regular APR: 29.90;
  • Welcome bonus: N/A;
  • Rewards: N/A.

Freedom Gold Card

  • Credit Score: Bad / Poor;
  • Annual Fee: $177.24 ($14.77/month);
  • Regular APR: 0%;
  • Welcome bonus: N/A;
  • Rewards: N/A.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the Freedom Gold Card and how to apply for it, check out our post below to find out!

Freedom Gold credit card

Freedom Gold card: learn how to apply!

The Freedom Gold card is an excellent no-red-tape option for individuals with poor credit who need to get their hands on a credit card fast. Let us help you do that.

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