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Discovery Platinum Card review: Earn up to 50% cashback

If you're looking for a credit card with cashback and discounts, the Discovery Platinum Card may be perfect for you. Check how it works!


Discovery Platinum Card: Get 50% off on local flights

Discovery Platinum Card
Discovery Platinum Card review! Source: Stealth Capitalist

If you want to maximize your rewards, read our Discovery Platinum Card review. This option has an amazing rewards program and several benefits.

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How to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card

Learn how to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card! Get up to 50% on local flights and more! Keep reading to learn how!

With unlimited rewards potential and a simple enrollment process, this card can help provide savings on almost any purchase or flight you make. Keep reading!

  • Min. Monthly Income: R350 000 to R850 000;
  • Monthly Fee: R70;
  • Initiation Fee: R150 if your limit is less than R2,000; else R185;
  • Interest Rate: Not disclosed. Still, cardholders can count on 55 days of interest-free credit on select transactions;
  • Rewards: Up to 50% off local flights, up to 50% back on healthy food purchases, and savings on international flights, accommodation, and car hire.

How does the Discovery Platinum Card work?

Discovery Platinum Card offers a convenient way to manage your finances while earning money back on purchases.

With this card, customers can enjoy a very good reward program. Customers can count on up to 50% off on local flights and up to 50% off select stores.

Plus, enrolling the Vitality Money can make you earn even more. Up to 75% back on purchases and other Goods and Services Taxable (GST) expenses.

Moreover, Discovery Platinum Card provides 55 days of interest-free credit on select transactions. Isn’t it great!

You can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits that come along with it. So don’t wait any longer!

Discovery Platinum Card pros and cons

Portrait of excited african american guy showing mobile phone empty screen, credit card, gasping amazed, checking out smartphone shop, internet store discount, white background
Learn Discovery Platinum Card pros and cons. Source: Freepik

Discovery Platinum Card has amazing rewards. In this sense, you can get up to 50% cashback on specific purchases.

However, you need to consider all its details before applying! So check out the pros and cons and see if it’s the ideal option.


  • Earn up to 50% cash back on select stores and 50% off local flights;
  • Enroll for Vitality Money and get rewarded with up to 75% cashback for banking healthier;
  • Get 55 days of 0% interest on select transactions;
  • 24/7 online banking.


  • Does not offer travel assistance;
  • To enjoy some benefits, it is necessary to have a credit card and a debit card;
  • A high minimum amount is essential to apply for this card.


Discovery Platinum Card holders have unique privileges that come with the card. But to use them, you will need to meet the requirements.

If you’re a South African citizen, provide your valid South African ID and proof of address.

However, if you are a foreign national, you must have a valid passport. Also, you must have a minimum income of R350 000 to R850 000.

Making sure you meet these requirements is the first step toward unlocking all its advantages!

Want to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card?

Discovery Platinum Card has incredible benefits and could be ideal for you. Check out the steps to apply and have your card today with the post below!

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How to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card

Learn how to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card! Get up to 50% on local flights and more! Keep reading to learn how!

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