Make up to R9,200 working at Motus: see job vacancies

Build a successful career at this huge automotive company! Secure a good salary and amazing benefits - 50% medical aid contribution included!


Work opportunities in the automotive business

Make up to R9,200 working at Motus: see job vacancies. Source: Motus

Find a job in South Africa: Motus has job vacancies available. With many positions to choose from, you can find the perfect job for you.


Apply for Vacancies at Motus

Want to be part of Motus ZA's success story? Follow these easy steps to apply for job vacancies at Motus. – earn up to R9,200 monthly!

Competitive salaries, flexible working hours, and a great work-life balance. Check out their vacancies!

Job positions at Motus

Motus is an automotive giant in South Africa, The group opens annual job vacancies, and now it’s the moment to apply.

Take a look at our list of available positions. It includes some of their current opportunities.

Administrative assistant: Sales

As an administrative assistant at Motus, your main responsibility will be to assist the used car sales department with sales.

Also, you’ll need to lead some administrative functions, such as dealing with paperwork.

So, if you have a valid driver’s license and are good at spoken and written communication, this role can be yours.

Driver: Heavy Duty

To work as a driver for Motus, you must have a valid driver’s license and PDP.

Your duties involve driving for the company, checking their vehicles, and reporting damages and possible problems.

Still, you’ll lead workshops for other drivers who join the company to teach them how to perform your job.

General worker

These professionals are like jack-of-all-trades.

They perform different duties in the warehouse, such as stocking, binning, picking, cleaning, or anything that will ensure the warehouse is clean.


Job positions at Motus. Source: Motus

You can also work at Motus as a salesman. In this position, it’s necessary to meet sales targets and satisfy customers.

You should generate reports and know how to attend to client inquiries, so it’s important to know selling techniques.

Average salary

The average salary at Motus depends on the job vacancies you’ll take. However, we brought some salary prospects for South Africa.

Firstly, if you want to work as an administrative assistant in sales, expect to earn about R8,570 per month.

However, if you have experience in a warehouse and want to work as a general worker, you’ll make about R9,248 monthly.

Finally, if you land as a salesperson, you’ll earn more or less R8,470 monthly.


Motus holds a supportive workplace that values environmental issues.

Also, the company understands that as a business in South Africa, they must mind the population background and incentivize their staff.

As one of their workers, you can expect to receive a 50% medical aid contribution to afford health-related costs.

In addition, they provide a provident fund that puts money away for retirement or any other necessities outside the monthly salary.

Finally, they offer a  13th cheque based on your annual performance bonus for your job role and productivity. It will help you have a secure career in the long run.

Motus: company overview

Motus is an automotive company in South Africa. It provides mobility services, such as importing, distributing, selling, renting, and offering aftermarket parts.

The company has been in business since 1948, with more than 19K employees worldwide.

Motus has strong relationships with well-known original equipment manufacturers. Because of that, they become a strong player in the industry.

Get a job at Motus: learn how to apply

Apply for one of the job vacancies at Motus and work for a strong automobile company. Learn how to apply below!


Apply for Vacancies at Motus

Want to be part of Motus ZA's success story? Follow these easy steps to apply for job vacancies at Motus. – earn up to R9,200 monthly!

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