LightStream personal loan application: how to apply now!

If you have questions about LightStream personal loan application, this is your moment. Learn more about getting credit.


Application for the LightStream personal loan: easy application and no late fees

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A personal loan may be just what you need. The LightStream personal loan is a great option because of the low fees and low credit required.

In addition, it is an option that provides benefits, is flexible, and seeks user satisfaction.




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The application process is simple, and you can do it online or via a mobile application.

However, it is important to know where to start the application to increase the chances of being approved soon. Check out the tips we’ve separated here.

Apply online

The online application can be faster for those who don’t have a lot of smartphone experience. It can be done through a form on the official LightStream website.

Although the application is online and very practical, in some cases, the agency can contact you by phone. This happens to confirm some data.


To perform the application, both online and by application, some information is requested. Check out:

  • Purpose, amount, and term of the loan;
  • Form of payment;
  • Personal and contact information;
  • employment information;
  • Current expenses, including monthly housing payments.

Apply on the app

LightStream personal loan application
The mobile application is very fast and practical | Source: Adobe Stock

The mobile app doesn’t make much difference. You need to download the official LightStream app and then fill in the data.

The requirements are the same as for the online application. Then wait for review and approval.

Receipt of both the online application and the app can happen on the same day. However, the application must be made before 2:30 PM EST for this to happen.

LightStream personal loan vs. Prosper loans: which is the best for you?

When it comes to loans, there are many companies with offers. However, it is important to analyze and compare so you don’t have problems and surprises later.

Today we bring you the comparison between LightStream personal loan and Prosper Loans.

Overall, LightStream personal loan has the most benefit and flexibility. It has lower fees than Prosper loans.

LightStream personal loanProsper loans
APR Maximum variable APR of 20.49% 7.95-35.99%
Loan PurposeHome improvements, Land purchases, Debt consolidation, Medical expenses, Wedding costs, and Preschool and K-12 expensesHome improvements, Healthcare finances, Debt consolidation, Household expenses, and vehicle purchases
Loan Amounts$5,000 – $100,000$2,000-$40,000
Credit Needed Excellent 600
Origination FeeNone2.41%-5%
Late FeeNone, but there is a higher interest accrualVariable
Early Payoff PenaltyNoneNone

If you like the Prosper loans features, check out our post below to learn how to apply for a loan there!

Prosper Loans logo

Prosper Loans application: how to apply now!

Looking for a personal loan? Prosper may be the right lender for you. With an easy online application, you can get a decision in minutes! Apply today!

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