Make up to R30,000 working at Bolt: See how to become a Driver

Join Bolt as a driver - a skilled professional sought after by their team! Explore advantages and salary expectations. Keep reading for all the details!


Earn a Living and Hit the Road with Bolt!

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Make up to R 30 000 working at Bolt: See how to become a Driver. Source: AdobeStock

Looking to earn up to R30,000 as a Bolt driver? Look no further! Discover the job opportunities, average salary, and benefits this company offers.

Bolt driver holding smartphone in car

Apply for Bolt Driving Job Positions

Discover the key requirements to apply for a driving job at Bolt, South Africa's top ride-hailing company. Don't miss this golden opportunity!

Find out how to join the Bolt team and boost your income as a driver. Let’s get started!

Job positions at Bolt

Transport services like Bolt are gaining popularity and becoming increasingly necessary.

They offer affordable rides that can take passengers wherever they need to go.

In addition, there is a high demand for drivers on the platform who can transport passengers from one location to another.

It’s an affordable service for customers, and you can easily start working for them by using your vehicle.

Furthermore, the company is also looking for couriers to deliver products and goods, providing a great opportunity to earn money.

Average salary

As a Bolt driver, your take-home salary mostly depends on your driving hours and relationship with the company.

However, on average, their drivers in South Africa earn about R7,513 per week.

Still, it’s important to note that this is a seasonal job, and your earnings may fluctuate depending on factors such as demand, weather, and location.

You should also consider other costs such as fuel, insurance, car maintenance, and monthly mobile data.


Becoming a Bolt driver comes with several benefits, such as:

1. Make Your Schedule

One of the main benefits of being a Bolt driver is having the flexibility to work as you please.

So, you can drive for the app according to your work-life balance, classes, or any other activity.

2. Earn Money with Your Vehicle

Bolt website
Benefits. Source: Bolt

If you’re a car owner, this company is the perfect place to make a living using your car.

You’ll have the chance to drive clients around and get paid for it.

3. Payment Weekly

Drivers get paid every week straightforwardly and on time. So, you won’t have to worry about money weekly.

4. Drive More, Earn More

The more you drive, the more money you make.

While being a driver in this marketplace allows you to work at your own pace, you can also increase your earnings by taking more trips.

Bolt: company overview

Bolt is a global ride-hailing platform committed to making urban transportation more affordable, safer, and convenient.

With millions of downloads in 45+ countries worldwide, Bolt connects over 150 million riders and drivers globally.

It provides essential services for its riders, such as food delivery and sedan rides.

Get a job at Bolt: learn how to apply

Check out our latest post to learn how to land a job at Bolt! Don’t miss out, keep reading!

Bolt driver holding smartphone in car

Apply for Bolt Driving Job Positions

Discover the key requirements to apply for a driving job at Bolt, South Africa's top ride-hailing company. Don't miss this golden opportunity!

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