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McDonald's: Earn a salary of up to R10 000 per month, health plan, retirement benefits, insurance coverage, and discounted tuition fees.


McDonald’s offers employees the opportunity to develop their time-management, communication, and customer service skills which will help them for years to come. Benefits include the flexibility of scheduling one’s own shifts and having access to a variety of meal discounts, giving employees more control over their personal nutrition. McDonald’s also provides additional benefits such as access to retirement benefits, insurance coverage, and discounted tuition fees!


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A job at McDonalds can be very important for your career. Check out the main benefits of this option.

Solid career path;
Salaries up to R10 000 per month;
Health Plan;
Insurance Coverage;

You will remain in the same website

Bag your dream job at McDonald’s through apply a job – it has never been easier. After applying on the McDonalds website, one should expect to receive contact soon after via email or phone call to arrange an interview. The hiring team will then proceed to assess your qualifications and abilities related to the vacancy before potentially providing you with an offer of employment. With apply a job at McDonalds, you can easily acquire your desired post in no time!

Depending on the title, salary employees can expect to make an average salary ranging from R3 239 to R10 000 per month. The positions range from Cashier/Sales and Cashier all the way up to Trainee Manager and Shift Manager. For those looking for something in between these positions, there is a Team Trainer position available in food preparation and service that pays R4,844 per month. There is a Waiter/Waitress position with an average salary of R4,199 per month.

There are six broad job categories ranging from managers to baristas and each job has different tasks that need to be completed. Managers need to ensure the efficient management of their restaurants and also make sure customers are happy with their service. Baristas must make quality beverages using special Macdonald’s recipes while administrative assistants lend support in day-to-day operations. Crew members help keep the kitchen running while maintenance officers help ensure the restaurant remain clean and safe for staff.


Do you want to work in a large chain of restaurants and make up to R10 000 per month? Find out how to apply for a job at McDonald's today!

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