Make up to R29,744 working at Anova: See job vacancies

Make a difference in South Africa's healthcare system! Anova has entry-level vacancies focused on public health improvement and supporting vulnerable communities.


Check out these irresistible job openings at Anova!

Anova Health Institute
Make up to R29,744 working at Anova: See job vacancies. Source: Anova

Do you want to make a positive impact in healthcare? Then Anova has open job vacancies for you!

Anova Health Institute

Apply for Job Vacancies at Anova

Need to apply for Anova job vacancies but unsure about the process? Read on to learn everything you need and make it quick – up to R29,744!

With them, you’ll research to enhance the public health of South Africans. Want to learn more? See salaries, job openings, and benefits. Read on!

Job positions at Anova

Anova is an NGO that aims to improve public health and help vulnerable communities in South Africa.

Currently, the group needs people to join their team, and they have working opportunities in different areas.

We’ve rounded up some entry-level vacations available at Anova now. Check them out!

1. Human Rights Ambassador

These people work closely with the community to raise awareness about human rights.

Their key responsibilities are to support the ONG, provide discussions, and spread knowledge to the population.

Also, they need to engage with stakeholders and report processes to get resources to keep the work going.

So, this position requires exceptional communication skills and a strong commitment to driving positive change.

2. Human Resources Manager

Secondly, human resources managers provide HR leadership and support districts in South Africa to do their work.

Anova needs proactive professionals who will think of actionable solutions to improve their operations.

Then, if you are a skilled professional with eloquent communication, this job can suit you.

3. Data Capturer

The data capture position supports data-related administrative work, such as recording patient files and generating reports.

Key responsibilities include data quality, backup, storage, report/feedback, and dealing with stakeholders.

Attention to detail, as well as strong computer skills, are also relevant abilities for this role.

4. Community Linkage Officer

Anova Health Institute
Check out these irresistible job openings at Anova! Source: Anova

This professional makes HIV testing in communities to guarantee good care linkage for HIV-infected patients by following the DoH guidelines.

This role also demands excellent interpersonal skills and a deep commitment to public health.

5. Social Auxiliary Worker

Finally, social auxiliary workers do screenings and interventions for patients who face mental health challenges.

So, these professionals participate in psycho-social programs to support primary care health facilities for South Africans.

Average salary

Anova doesn’t disclose salaries for some of the positions above.

However, you can expect to earn about R29,744 per month as a human source manager.

In addition, as a data capturer, you can expect to receive about R 11,170 monthly.

Then, to know more about their salaries, it’s a good idea to reach out.


Anova offers health insurance and dental care to its workers.

Also, employees have the right to a health savings account and occupational accident insurance.

Finally, you’ll learn from experience and research, help to treat diseases, and contribute to the whole health system.

Anova: company overview

The Anova Health Institute is a South African non-profit organization that works to improve its health system.

Through research and working with the locals, they can enhance the quality of treatments and care for recurring diseases.

Mainly, their work consists of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. It is still a big threat to the population.

In addition, Anova alerts on sexual rights and forms of protection from STDs.

Get a job at Anova: learn how to apply

Working for Anova is a way to help millions of Africans through medical research and actions.

So, if you want to be a part of this NGO and apply for one of their openings, check out our post below to learn more. Read on!

Anova Health Institute

Apply for Job Vacancies at Anova

Need to apply for Anova job vacancies but unsure about the process? Read on to learn everything you need and make it quick – up to R29,744!

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