Learn how to apply for a job at KFC

Do you want to work at the world's most popular chicken restaurant? We're looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about food and customer service. Learn how to apply!


by Sabrina Paes

02/10/2023 | Updated on 03/27/2023

How to land your dream job at KFC

KFC is popular fast food chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken.b
Learn how to apply for a job at KFC. Source: Adobe Stock

Do you dream of joining the ranks at KFC? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’ll dive into the details of what it takes to successfully apply for a job at KFC.


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Make up to R186,471 per year! Count on health insurance and paid time off!

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Starting with a rundown of qualifications, we’ll also provide helpful tips on how to show off your skills during the application process. So check out below!

Application process: easy step-by-step

Applying for a job at KFC can be an exciting journey. To apply, you must create an account on their official website and log in with those credentials.

Then you must research which positions you are eligible for, select one, and fill out the corresponding application form.

Ensure that the information provided is accurate before submitting the form.

Afterward, it’s recommended that you keep a printed version of what you sent for safekeeping in case it is needed later.

Once everything is completed correctly, all that’s left to do is wait for feedback from KFC itself!

What are the requirements to apply?

KFC fast food restaurant logo at its building
Learn the requirements to apply for a job at KFC! Source: Adobe Stock

Working for a KFC Franchise is an exciting opportunity for those interested in a retail career.

To apply, you must be South African and able to work retail hours, including weekends and public holidays.

Moreover, you need to have a minimum qualification of grade 10 (or the equivalent).

As part of the application process, it’s important to remember that KFC reserves the right to do employee verification checks, including criminal checks.

With KFC’s commitment to its employees’ growth, you’ll enjoy a challenging working environment with plenty of learning opportunities.

What to expect after you apply?

After applying for a job at KFC, it is important to expect some communication from the company regarding your status.

It may take a few weeks for corporations such as KFC to review and assess numerous applications.

Generally, if you apply and do not hear anything after 30 days, it’s wise to consider your application unsuccessful.

Of course, there are exceptions, and some processes may take longer than others.

In that case, don’t hesitate to reach out and check with the hiring manager or recruitment team at KFC to find out more about the progress of your application.

Meet other companies: McDonald’s

Not only is KFC one of the world’s most recognizable brands, but the company also stands out by offering competitive wages and plenty of opportunities.

In addition to considering KFC, South Africans should look into applying to Mcdonald’s. The golden arches franchised restaurants offer similar benefits to those of KFC.

But with some distinct advantages, which include access to a wide array of employment opportunities and state-of-the-art workspaces and facilities.

With two great options available, there’s no need to limit your job search possibilities! Check out how to apply to Mcdonald’s and secure a good job.

McDonald's worker

Learn how to apply for a job at McDonald's

Do you want to work in a large chain of restaurants and make up to R7,431 per month? Find out how to apply for a job at McDonald's today!

You will remain in the same website

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