LendingClub Personal Loan: how to apply now!

Find out how to apply for a personal loan with Lending Club. You can quickly complete an application online and get approved within minutes. Learn more here.


Apply for LendingClub Personal Loan: apply online for a loan with flexible payments

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Learn how to apply for LendingClub Personal Loan. Source: Stealth Capitalist

Do you want to apply for LendingClub Personal Loans? We’ve got you! This company is becoming an increasingly popular choice for borrowers searching for a personal loan.


Personal Loan


Fast funding No hidden fees

A personal loan marketplace. Find the perfect lender for you! Up to $40k loan.

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Applying is simple and can be done anywhere with an internet access device. However, it is essential to gather some documents and meet some requirements. Check out how to apply in more detail.

Apply online

Applying for the LendingClub Personal Loan online has never been easier. All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to get started.

In just a few easy steps, you can apply, check your rate, choose an offer, confirm personal information, and complete the process in no time.

After completing these steps, you can sit back, relax, and await confirmation and the soon-coming funds. Payments are also a breeze, so you can easily pay off what you owe!


Applying for a personal loan with LendingClub requires applicants to have a FICO credit score of at least 600, and the average of their prime borrowers is 705.

So, it may be more difficult to apply with a fair to bad credit score, but those that are more creditworthy may qualify for better APRs and larger loan amounts.

There isn’t an exact income requirement to apply, though borrowers must provide proof of income and have a total debt-to-income ratio lower than 40% or 35%, respectfully.

As an added option, they offer co-signers/co-applicants, which can help increase the chances of approval in some cases.

Apply on the app 

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The application for the LendingClub Personal Loan is made exclusively via the internet. You must access the company’s official website if you want to request from your smartphone or mobile device.

Inside the site, you do your initial pre-qualification to choose the best offer. You will then fill in your data as in the online application.

LendingClub Personal Loan vs. LoanPioneer: which one is the best for you?

LendingClub Personal Loan is the ideal option for you who have a score above 600 and need quick cash. Moreover, you can borrow up to $40,000 and pay back flexibly over months.

However, an interesting alternative is LoanPioneer which has relatively lower APR rates. However, in these cases, you can borrow an amount of up to $5,000, and you need to have more than 500.

Furthermore, the LoanPioneer alternative does not have very clear data about the extra origination and late payment fees. Check out the comparison and find out which option is best for you.

LendingClub LoanPioneer
APR8.05% – 36.00% Variable;5.99% to 35.99%;
Loan PurposeCredit card and debt consolidation, Balance transfers, Medical bills, and Home improvements;Major purchases, emergencies, bills, other expenses, vehicle repairs, vacations and travel, debt consolidation, home improvements, and medical bills;
Loan Amounts$1,000-$40,000;$300 to $5,000;
Credit NeededMinimum FICO score of 600;Minimum FICO score of 500;
Origination Fee2.00% to 6.00% of the total loan amount;N/A;
Late FeeThere may be late fees depending on your loan amount;N/A;
Early Payoff PenaltyNone.N/A.

Wondering if LoanPioneer is the best choice for you? Then keep reading and find out! The following article explains how to apply for it and more!

LoanPioneer logo

How to apply for LoanPioneer

LoanPioneer has the solution for your small debts up to $5,000. But how to apply for LoanPioneer? Find out in this post.

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