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Take control of your credit journey with Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card: pre-qualify easily without impacting your credit score.


Milestone® Mastercard®: Building a solid credit foundation

Milestone Mastercard® Credit Card
Learn how to easily apply for the Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card. Source: Stealth Capitalist.

If you’ve come this far, then you’re looking for an easy way to apply for the Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card. And we are here to provide that to you.

This unsecured credit solution offers an initial credit limit up to $700 and Mastercard benefits to give back your purchasing power.


Credit Card

Milestone® Mastercard®

build credit apply online

Pre-qualify with no score impact. Rebuild credit.

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This difficulty is because the small details important to consider when deciding are in the fine print. In other words, it is very easy to misunderstand how it works.

If you already have these details in mind, see how to apply for this card below.

Apply online

Milestone Mastercard® Credit Card application page
Applying online is the best and fastest route.Source: Milestone.

First, be aware that this credit card offers the option for you to pre-qualify. If you want to pre-qualify, you will have to share personal information about yourself with them.

Some of the information you will have to share is first and last names, full addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and also your Social Security Number (SSN).

This whole pre-qualification process happens in the blink of an eye. Moreover, there is no reason to worry. Because pre-qualifying does not hurt your score.

After that, you will have to wait for them to review your information. Once this is done, they will determine your annual fee. But please do not forget to read all the terms and conditions.

However, there is an interesting fact here. According to them, they will recommend other institutions if they do not accept your application, which is rare.

But be aware that pre-qualifying does not guarantee final approval. We recommend that you do all of these steps online.

Apply using the app

Regarding other means to apply for the Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card, there is no way to submit your application via a mobile application.

However, the Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card website is mobile friendly. Therefore, you can seamlessly apply using your phone or tablet.

Milestone® Mastercard® Credit Card vs. Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card

You may have already noticed that our recommendation for this card is not one of the most positive ones. And the reason is that better options on the market can help you more.

One example is the Indigo® Mastercard®, which has the same target audience, and no bonuses or rewards. But it can sometimes offer you a lower annual fee.

Milestone Mastercard®

  • Credit Score: Fair – Good;
  • Annual Fee: See terms – the annual fee depends on your creditworthiness;
  • Regular APR: See terms – the APR depends on your creditworthiness;
  • Welcome bonus: None;
  • Rewards: None.

Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card

  • Credit Score: Poor – Fair;
  • Annual Fee: $75 in the first year. Then, $99;
  • Regular APR: 24.90%;
  • Welcome bonus: N/A;
  • Rewards: N/A.

If the Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card can be the best for you, read our post below to learn how to apply for it!

Applying for the Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card

The Indigo® Mastercard® Credit Card is perfect for helping you rebuild credit. See what are the steps to make the application!

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