Rate discount for 12 months: apply for MyPoint Credit Union HELOC

Access the funds you need quickly with the MyPoint Credit Union HELOC! Pay no application, appraisal, prepayment or annual fees! Keep reading!


Get the money you need quickly with no extra fees!

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Rate discount for 12 months: apply for MyPoint Credit Union HELOC. Source: Stealth Capitalist

If you’re ready to apply for the MyPoint Credit Union HELOC, you’re in the right place! In today’s article, you’ll learn how their process is simple and fast!



MyPoint Credit Union

Fast funding Simple Process

Ensure rate discounts and flexible financing conditions!

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This credit union provides flexible and convenient conditions to help you tap into your home’s value! So stay with us and discover how to apply!

Apply online

The process to apply for the MyPoint Credit Union HELOC is simple! Firstly, you need to access their official website. We’ve provided it above to help you!

Once you’re on the HELOC page, scroll down and select the “Apply for a Loan Now!” button! On the next page, select the “Start a new application” option and press “Next.”

Further, you’ll access the application form. First, you must provide your personal and contact information. Next, provide your property information and assets.

Lastly, you’ll need to fill out the form with your financial data, including expenses and income. Once done, review all you’ve provided and submit your application.

Now, wait for the result and, if approved, follow their instructions to complete your HELOC request! The process takes about 20 minutes!


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Get the money you need quickly with no extra fees! Source: Adobe Stock

MyPoint Credit Union won’t disclose its minimum borrowing requirements on its official website.

But, overall, applicants must be at least 18 and provide proof of homeownership as well as proof of income and assets.

They don’t disclose a minimum credit score either, but having higher credit will help you qualify for better conditions, such as higher amounts and lower rates!

Apply on the app 

Those interested in applying for the MyPoint Credit Union HELOC, can only do so through the official website! Still, you can follow the steps above and apply through your mobile!

Furthermore, MyPoint Credit Union provides an excellent mobile app to its customers! Thus, you can receive the requested amount at this account and easily manage it!

Their mobile banking toll is available for iOS and Android systems and ready to help you make the most of your finances!

MyPoint Credit Union HELOC vs. Figure Home Equity Line of Credit: which one is the best for you?

Indeed, MyPoint Credit Union HELOC is an excellent option to help you get the money you need with flexible conditions! But why not expand your options?

Figure Home Equity Line of Credit provides a simple application and fast approval. And you can receive the HELOC amount within 5 minutes!

You can borrow up to $400,000 with flexible conditions and personalized rates! Also, borrowers won’t pay early payoff penalty fees!

Do you want to learn more? Then take a closer look at both lenders’ main features and decide which is the best fit for your current needs!

MyPoint Credit Union HELOCFigure Home Equity Line of Credit
APR 7.24% promotional APR for the first 12 months; after that, 8.25% APR;Not disclosed;
Loan PurposeDebt payoff, vacation, unexpected expenses, large purchases, home improvements, and more;Home improvements, Fund a small business, Debt consolidation, Pay for college tuition, and more;
Loan AmountsUp to $250,000;$15,000 to $400,000;
Credit NeededNot disclosed;640 minimum;
TermsNot disclosed;5, 10, 15, or 30 years;
Origination FeeNot disclosed;4.99%;
Late FeeNot disclosed;
Early Payoff PenaltyNone.N/A.

Are you ready to apply for the Figure Home Equity Line of Credit and get funded quickly? Great, then we can help you!

The following article will explain how to apply for the Figure Home Equity Line of Credit in a few steps! So keep reading and learn more!

Figure Home Equity Line of Credit

Apply for Figure Home Equity Line of Credit

Apply for a Figure Home Equity Line of Credit! With a simple online application process, it's easier to obtain the value of your home.

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