Apply for the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card: Learn how!

Do you need a card but have fair credit? If so, the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card can help you out! Read on to learn how to apply for it!


Oportun® Visa® Credit Card: have your no-credit-history preapproval within minutes

Oportun® Visa® Credit Card
Want to apply for the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card? Come with us! Source: Stealth Capitalist.

So you have decided to apply for the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card. Then it is a good thing that you are now exactly where you need to be!


Credit Card

Oportun® Visa

fair score apply online

An affordable, easy, and safe. Prequalify in minutes!

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Whether you are looking for a credit card issuer that could help you build a credit history, or you need a new card because you have hurt your credit score, the content below will guide you through your salvation.

Apply online

Oportun® Visa® Credit Card features
Below is the step-by-step instruction on how to apply online. Source: Oportun.

You only need to access their credit card webpage to apply for this card. Just enter your Offer Code to get started or select “Start without offer code.”

Your application will be saved online, and you can continue it afterward. The page is also available in Spanish.

Finally, it is also important to highlight that the cashback version of this card is currently available by invitation only.

Apply using the app

Sadly, there is no means of applying for this credit card via mobile app.

However, it is possible to use your phone in addition to the online application process. Just call the official phone number.

Oportun® Visa® Credit Card vs. FIT™ Platinum Mastercard®

Let us compare the Oportun® Visa® to another card in the same category. This way, we can get a better overall understanding of what they offer and which one fits you better.

We can start by seeing that they both have no rewards or bonuses, as this is not the main solution they want to offer. The other characteristics are also similar.

However, regarding Oportun’s credit card, this scenario may change. The word is that an Oportun® Cash Back Visa® is ready to be launched.

Who knows, maybe the Oportun® Visa® will win over the FIT™ Platinum Mastercard® shortly.

Oportun® Visa® Credit Card

  • Credit Score: Fair – Good.
  • Annual Fee: $0 – $49
  • Regular APR: 24.90% to 29.90% variable.
  • Welcome bonus: None.
  • Rewards: None.

FIT™ Platinum Mastercard®

  • Credit Score: Poor – Fair.
  • Annual Fee: $99.
  • Regular APR: 29.99%, variable.
  • Welcome bonus: None.
  • Rewards: None.

If you think the FIT™ Platinum Mastercard® can be a better option for your finances, check out our post below to learn about the application process!

FIT™ Platinum Mastercard®

How to apply for the FIT™ Platinum Mastercard®

Start repairing your damaged credit score with this easy-to-use everyday credit card! See how to apply for the FIT™ Platinum Mastercard® today.

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