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Applying for the Coutts World Silk card: learn how!

Looking to upgrade your credit card game? Then you may want to consider applying for a Coutts World Silk card. In this article, we'll walk you through the application process. Read on to learn more!


Coutts World Silk Card: 24/7 concierge service that treats you like royalty!

Coutts World Silk credit card
Learn how to apply for the Coutts World Silk card. Source: Stealth Capitalist.

If you’re looking for a credit card that offers unique benefits and high-end services, the Coutts World Silk card may be perfect for you. This exclusive card is designed for wealthy customers who want the best of everything.
With no annual fees and zero charges for foreign transactions, this card’s many travel benefits will make you feel like a world traveler. So, read on to learn how to apply for this card and start enjoying its many perks today!


Credit Card

Coutts World Silk

Concierge Mobile App

$0 annual fees and an array of exclusive benefits.

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Apply online

Applying for this card online comes with a few rules. First, you must be a member of Coutts exclusive club of members. Second, you have to meet their annual income standards or invest £1 million in the bank.

If you don’t fit their high-standard profile, Coutts will automatically suggest other banking options. However, if you do manage to become one of their clients, call your financial advisor or Coutts’ customer service to send in your application. 

Apply using the app

woman on mobile
See how to apply for the card via mobile. Source: Unsplash.

Even though Coutts provides an excellent mobile app for clients to manage their expenses, you cannot apply for any of their credit cards through it. If you’re already a customer, you can call Coutts for more information about how to apply for this card at +44(0) 20 7957 2424.

Coutts World Silk credit card vs. American Express Gold credit card

If you’d like to get a Coutts World Silk card, but the requirements are currently out of your reach, we’ve got you covered. With the American Express Gold credit card, you don’t have to spend £1 million to feel like a VIP client. 

Its benefits include many travel-related perks, dining bonus rewards,  an impressive welcome bonus for new cardholders, and more! Get to know its main characteristics below and follow the related content link to apply for your American Express Gold card today!

Coutts World Silk cardAmerican Express Gold
Credit ScoreExcellentGood or Excellent
Annual Fee£0$250
Regular APR14.7% variable15.99% to 2.99% (variable)
Welcome bonusNot disclosed60,000 to 75,000 points after spending $4,000 in the first six months
RewardsNo foreign transaction fee;
LoungeKey access;
24/7 Concierge services;
A series of gift cards the more you spend.
Membership Rewards program;
No foreign transaction fees;
Generous welcome bonus;
Personalized travel services at your disposal.

Applying for the American Express Gold card

Learn how to apply for an American Express Gold card today to enjoy all of its exclusive perks!

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