Curadebt review: pay off your debts

Many people struggle with debt. But if you need help to get out of this situation, Curadebt has a solution for you. Read this post to understand how they'll do it.


Curadebt: regain peace of mind to enjoy your life

Learn everything about Curadebt and look for debt relief in our Curadebt review. Source: Stealth Capitalist.

Pay attention to this Curadebt review to find the best way ever to pay all of your debts and start a new life. Being in debt is never a comfortable situation, and the sooner you get rid of it, the better.


How to apply for Curadebt?

Say goodbye to your debts. Curadebt will help you find debt relief to live your life in peace.

  • Fees: No fees until Curadebt finds a solution for your debt. Them, you’ll pay 20% of the negotiated debt and a fee.
  • Minimum debt: $5,000
  • Promotion: No current offer.
  • Types of debt for settlement: Medical debt, student loan debt, personal loans, payday loans, and credit cards.

Paying only the minimum or waiting for a miracle will not fix your financial situation. Let a specialist help you! It’s ok that you’re kinda lost about the best way to deal with debt.

Just keep doing your job the best way possible, make responsible use of your money from now on, and let the Curadebt specialists do their work too.

Keep reading this Curadebt review to see how efficient they are.

How does Curadebt work?

Basically, Curadebt will be your negotiation assessor and savings coach. You can get a free consultation to explain your case and show them your financial situation.

Them, a debt counselor will make a plan, and give you instructions. Instead of paying the minimum or just some installments here and there, you’ll start saving.

Curadebt will review your debts and give you specific savings account with a savings plan. So, with a higher amount of money, Curadebt can make a debt settlement with your creditors and pay it with one lump.

They also look for any inconsistency in your creditor’s contract that can help you minimize your debt.

This service will cost you a plus 20% on the amount you are paying for your debt. But this is still less than what you would pay in interest without Curadebt assistance.

Curadebt pros and cons

Note with words debt relief on a table.
Curadebt will find a debt settlement with your creditor. Source: Adobe Stock.

Before making a decision, keep reading our Curadebt review to learn about the pros and cons next.


  • Highly efficient, with many cases solved across the country.
  • Free consultation with a specialist to assess your situation.
  • Does not charge upfront fees, only when you get your debt settled.
  • Can help you save a lot of money, as some settlements can get a 50% or even 80% discount.


  • Can not be used for secured loans or credit lines.
  • You need a minimum of $5,000 in debt to qualify for the program.
  • This strategy can damage your credit score before fixing your debts.
  • Curadebt can not guarantee that you’ll always get a lower debt settlement. You can end up paying the same, plus the 20% fee. But if you’re overwhelmed with your debt, this can give you a bright light at the end of the tunnel. 

For whom is this best indicated?

During your free consultation, you will talk to a debt counselor. This person will assess your specific situation and give you the proper orientation. Curadebt will review your financial history and make a plan with you.

The only thing that disqualifies you for the debt settlement is having a secured debt. Curadebt can not negotiate these cases, as it involves collateral and a more complex legal situation. 

Want to apply for Curadebt? We help you affiliate

Want to get rid of your debt one for all? Keep reading the following content to apply for the Debt Relief Program at Curadebt. Now that you’ve read our Curadebt review, it’s time to learn how to apply for it.


How to apply for Curadebt?

Say goodbye to your debts. Curadebt will help you find debt relief to live your life in peace.

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