10 Jobs in High Demand in South Africa (+ Average Salary)

Want to find a job in South Africa? Our guide provides the latest information on the best-paying jobs that are in demand in South Africa, from receptionists to call center operators. Read more!


Top 10 high-demand jobs in South Africa with average salaries to achieve your career goals

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10 Jobs in High Demand in South Africa. Source: Adobe Stock

Are you looking for a job in South Africa? Then you might want to know which jobs that are in high demand these days.

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highest paying jobs in South Africa

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We’ll highlight the top 10 high-demand jobs and provide information about the average salaries and benefits. Stay tuned!

South Africa’s job market is changing fast, and it’s important to know which jobs are growing in popularity.

According to recent statistics, some job positions have seen a significant increase in salary over the last five years.

Some industries are projected to grow even more in the next few years, which means more job chances for those interested.

In recent years, administration, office, and support jobs have seen an increase in salary offers between 30% to 38%.

At the same time, professionals in the sales sector have received up to 42% more wages, indicating that these two industries are growing a lot.

1. Receptionist

Receptionists are essential to ensuring that operations run smoothly.

They handle various duties, such as answering phone calls, greeting clients in a friendly manner, and managing administrative tasks.

Then if you want to work as a receptionist, you need to be organized and able to multitask.

Also, you must possess excellent customer service skills, as you are the first point of contact for any guests or customers entering the office.

Average Salary

R9 122 to R11 782.

2. Vehicle Sales Executive Sales

With the booming automotive industry, the demand for Vehicle Sales Executive Sales positions is on the rise.

Then it is one of the jobs that are in high demand in South Africa these days.

These professionals sell vehicles, exceed sales targets, and deliver exceptional customer service.

So, to become a successful vehicle sales executive, you must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to negotiate effectively.

Average Salary

R8 133 to R18 889.

3. Creditors Clerk

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Top 10 high-demand jobs in South Africa with average salaries to achieve your career goals. Source: Adobe Stock

Creditors Clerks ensure smooth financial operations by:

  • Taking charge of payments;
  • Recording transactions accurately;
  • Managing accounts payable effectively.

Then people in this role should have excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities.

Also, the capacity to handle multiple tasks proficiently and effectively manage their time.

Average Salary

R15 121 to R19 381.

4. Secretary

Secretaries play a vital role in maintaining an organized and efficient work environment.

They handle various responsibilities, including file organization, managing phone calls, as well as scheduling appointments.

To be a secretary, you must be good at organizing and also know how to figure out problems.

You also need to have great customer service skills.

Average Salary

R12 500 to R19 500.

5. Employee Training/Development

The fifth role in our list of jobs that are in demand in South Africa requires a little more study and qualification.

As an Employee Training/Development, you must study about it and have at least some experience in the field.

It happens because effective training programs lead to better employee performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and career growth.

So, if you want to apply for this position, you need to be able to implement and develop training programs accordingly.

Average Salary

R35 000 to R46 174.

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6. Call Centre Operator

They are responsible for answering incoming calls, assisting customers with inquiries, and promptly resolving complaints or issues.

Then as a call center operator, you are required to have effective communication skills.

Still, you need to be good at problem-solving abilities to manage and maintain customer satisfaction.

Average Salary

R9 167 to R11 627.

7. Telesales or Telemarketing

The seventh job in our list of highly demanding jobs in South Africa is Telesales or Telemarketing.

Professionals in this position are key in things such as promoting products or services.

With their persuasive communication skills, they engage with prospects, highlight the benefits of the offerings, and also generate impactful sales leads.

Average Salary

R5 000 to R15 000.

8. Retail

Retail professionals must deliver excellent customer service, manage inventory, and maintain appealing product displays.

These professionals can enhance the shopping experience for customers, manage their inquiries, and recommend products.

So, the candidates for this role must be good with people, stay organized, and do their job well.

Average Salary

R7 500 to R13 355.

9. Client/Customer Support

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Discover a job option for you. Source: Adobe Stock

If you work with people, you know that customer satisfaction is paramount.

Then, as a Client/Customer support, your job is to make things easier for your public.

How can you do that? Addressing customer inquiries, managing complaints, and ensuring timely resolutions.

With their ability in troubleshooting, they can build strong customer relationships and improve their overall experience and observations.

Average Salary

R15 000 to R22 800.

10. Java Developer

The demand for Java developers is rising in South Africa as a result of the rapid growth of the IT industry worldwide.

They contribute to developing and maintaining Java-based applications integral to various industries, such as banking and automotive.

With their expertise in Java programming, they design efficient and reliable applications that meet industry standards.

So this job is good for people in the world of technology who are looking forward to career advancements.

Average Salary

R44 564 and R64 487.

Bottom line

By exploring the in-demand job positions in South Africa, you can make informed choices when choosing a career path.

The above-mentioned salaries and benefits show what you can expect when applying for these positions.

To land a job, we encourage you to continue your research as well as invest in your personal development.

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