Make up to R30 000 working at Coca-Cola: see job positions

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So you’ll find out its job positions, salary average, and more! After all, a big company like Coca-Cola offers a whole package of benefits! So let’s get started!

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Do you want to land your dream job and build a successful career at Coca-Cola? Then look no further than this article! We’ll tell you the ins and outs of this company’s jobs!

Discover endless job possibilities at Coca-Cola! Ensure life, health, and dental insurance and retirement plan! A successful career awaits!

Salary up to R30 000
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Job positions at Coca-Cola

As a huge brand worldwide, Coca-Cola offers several job positions to those interested in building a promising career.

It mainly focuses on manufacturing and production. Thus, you’ll find job positions as production supervisor, engineering, maintenance technician, and more!

Sales and management are also high-demanded roles at Coca-Cola. Still, one can explore other job fields and build a successful career!


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beverage market food

Get the best benefits working at Coca-Cola.

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For example, public affairs and communications, marketing, information technology, finance and accounting, data analytics, and more.

As you can see, Coca-Cola offers job positions in several fields, and I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your profession and needs! So don’t hesitate and take your chance!

Average salary

In South Africa, Coca-Cola offers their employees the market’s average salary! As such, the pay range will vary according to the job position and its level.

Indeed, Coca-Cola brings several manufacturing jobs, often considered entry-level opportunities!

So one can earn approximately R4,000 per month at starting levels. However, you can earn more as you advance your career and reach higher-level positions!

Those who work in senior roles can make about R30 000 per month! Which is good to reach when seeking your ambitions!


Job Offer


beverage market food

Salary up to R30 000 montly.

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closeup of a woman's face holding a coca-cola drink
See the benefits you can get when working at Coca-Cola! Source: Coca-Cola South Africa

Coca-Cola employees can count on full benefits to make their job journey more advantageous. It starts by offering multiple health benefits.

For example, one can count on health, life, dental, and vision insurance. In addition, employees can assure temporary and long-term disability insurance.

Paid time-offs are also offered. As well as education and training for those interested in advancing their careers in the long term.

Plus, Coca-Cola employees can also enjoy retirement plans and financial benefits! You can access their full benefits package at their career website.

Coca-Cola: company overview

Coca-Cola started its successful journey in 1866 in Atlanta, Georgia. And ever since, it has grown into one of the biggest companies in the world.

And there is no doubt that this company will continue growing over the years! It focuses on offering high-quality beverages and transforming the world into a better place.

As a company, they believe in the power of one’s potential and that they can greatly impact communities.

As such, Coca-Cola offers job opportunities to those interested in bringing innovative solutions and exploring the world!

Get a job at Coca-Cola: learn how to apply

Did you like what you’ve seen so far about Coca-Cola? Then don’t hesitate to sign up for a job position and build a successful career!

Next, we’ll explain how to apply for a job at this company! It is simple and quick! So don’t miss our following article!


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Discover endless job possibilities at Coca-Cola! Ensure life, health, and more.

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