Make up to R4,000 working at Walmart: see job vacancies

Amazing job vacancies are up for grabs at Walmart South Africa! Secure training and build a successful career! Keep reading and learn more!


Walmart is now hiring professionals with different levels of expertise

Walmart employee
Make up to R4,000 working at Walmart: see job vacancies. Source: Walmart

Massmart, a subsidiary of Walmart in South Africa, is currently accepting applications for job vacancies in 2023.

Walmart employee

Urgent: Apply now for Walmart opens Job Vacancies

Walmart offers job vacancies now, and you can easily apply – earn up to R4,000 monthly plus benefits! Keep reading and learn more!

They seek candidates to pursue a career in retail. Check out the available job positions, average salaries, and benefits below.

Job positions at Walmart

Walmart has job vacancies for South Africans in their local stores. So, let’s have a look at the offers.

1. Builders: Warehouse, Express, and Trade Depot, Superstore

This brand is currently hiring for various entry-level positions at its stores nationwide.


In this role, you’ll help customers with stock selection and packing, ensuring they get what they need.

Also, you’ll have to interact with customers in a friendly and professional way to ensure a good experience.

Sales Consultants

As a Sales Consultant, your main focus is to deliver exceptional customer service.

So, it includes providing product info, assisting with purchase decisions, and ensuring a positive shopping experience for customers.

Service Assistants

In this role, you will welcome and assist customers, answer inquiries, and provide support at the information desk. 

Also, you will pack stock from receiving and back areas onto the sales floor.

2. Jumbo

Mega-retailer Jumbo seeks a dedicated store manager to oversee all operations, such as inventory management, staff supervision, and customer service.

So, if you have the expertise and education to be a store manager, you could fill one of their vacancies.

Average salary

Walmart vacancies home page
Average salary. Source: Walmart

The estimated salaries for Walmart vacancies may vary.

1. Cashiers

Mostly, the hourly pay ranges from R22,30 to R92,27.

Thus, cashiers earn an hourly wage of R37,32.

2. Sales Consultants and Service Assistants

Sales consultants receive a monthly salary of R4,000, while service assistants have an estimated annual income of R193,200.

3. Store Managers

On average, store managers in South Africa earn a monthly salary of R12,806, along with benefits.


Working at Walmart or its affiliate brand, Massmart in South Africa offers numerous benefits.

Employees enjoy exceptional working conditions, good compensation, and extensive training and career development chances.

Walmart: company overview

In South Africa, Walmart acquired Massmart, a renowned retail group with brands such as Game, Makro, Builders, and Cambridge Foods.

They are popular markets that offer a wide range of products with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Also, with over 300 stores in 9 sub-Saharan countries, Massmart leads the merchandise, warehouse, liquor, and wholesale market.

Get a job at Walmart: learn how to apply

Want to know how to apply for job vacancies in this article?

Then check out our post below for step-by-step guide to boost your chances of landing that job. Keep reading!

Walmart employee

Urgent: Apply now for Walmart opens Job Vacancies

Walmart offers job vacancies now, and you can easily apply – earn up to R4,000 monthly plus benefits! Keep reading and learn more!

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