Netspend® Prepaid Card review

Looking for a modern-day banking solution? Check out our full review of the Netspend® Prepaid Card and see how it can work for you.


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 12/14/2022

Netspend® Prepaid Card: Flexible Plans

Read our Netspend® Prepaid Card review! Source: Netspend®

This Netspend® Prepaid Card review shows you that it is one of the most popular prepaid cards on the market. It offers a variety of features and benefits that make it a great choice for many consumers.

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How to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card

Earn rewards and manage your money easily with our all-access account. Learn how you can apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card today!

One of the best things about the Netspend card is that it can be used anywhere a visa is accepted. In addition, there are no credit checks or activation fees associated with the card. Check out more about this option!

  • Credit Score: All credit scores are accepted;
  • Annual Fee: Up to $9.95/month;
  • Regular APR: N/A;
  • Welcome bonus: N/A;
  • Rewards: N/A.

How does the Netspend® Prepaid Card work?

The Netspend® Prepaid Card presented in this review is a very interesting card to avoid debt. After all, you can only use it if you have deposited money.

A great benefit of the Netspend card is that it offers a variety of reload options. Consumers can load funds onto their cards via direct deposit, bank transfer, or mobile check deposit.

Therefore, the Netspend card offers a variety of security features, such as fraud protection and online account management.

However, to enjoy the Netspend® Prepaid Card services, you must pay a monthly fee of $9.95/month.

Netspend® Prepaid Card pros and cons

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The Netspend® Prepaid Card, featured in this review, is a great option for getting rid of credit card debt. After all, you only use it when you deposit money, and there is no installment payment.

However, to use this option, you must pay an associated monthly fee and have a social security number. Check out more about the pros and cons of this option.


  • Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Plans: Netspend has flexible plans to fit your needs.
  • No Minimum Balance, Interest Rates, Cash Advance, or Late Payment Fees: You’ll never have to worry about being penalized for not having a large balance or making late payments.
  • No Application Fee (if the application is made online): Avoid extra fees by applying for your card online.


  • Relatively high monthly fee compared to other cards with similar service, without any right to waive the fee even in the basic plan.
  • There is no free way to recharge or withdraw; there is always an associated fee;
  • Inactivity is charged through some fees, which many similar cards do not have.

Does my credit score need to be good?

As shown in this Netspend® Prepaid Card review, this option works with cash deposit only. In this way, as there is no possibility of financing, consulting the credit score is unnecessary.

Also, the monthly fees will not change regardless of your credit score. However, the value changes according to the plan you intend to choose: basic or advanced.

Want to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card?

This Netspend® Prepaid Card review has important information to help you analyze whether it is an option. However, if you are interested in applying, check out this post with some essential tips.


How to apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card

Earn rewards and manage your money easily with our all-access account. Learn how you can apply for the Netspend® Prepaid Card today!

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