Custom Choice student loan review: is it worth it?

The Custom Choice student loan came to help undergraduate and graduate students. With low fees, it allows for smooth payment in the long run. Read More!


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 08/29/2022

Custom Choice student loan review and benefits: Amounts up to $99,000, no origination fee, and low APR

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Read our Custom Choice student loan review! Source: Custom Choice

Do you need help getting your degree? Due to its benefits, the Custom Choice student loan could be a good option to help you with this objective.

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How to apply for Custom Choice student loan?

Do you need a student loan with a relatively low APR? Read our post about the Custom Choice student loan application!

This loan has no origination fees, no late fees, and no prepayment penalties. In addition, you can reach a value of up to $99,000 with a low APR, whether fixed or variable. Know more!

APR*2.67% to 11.55% variable APR;

3.65% to 12.47% fixed APR.

*Terms apply.
Loan PurposeUndergraduate and graduate cost coverage.
Loan Amounts$1,000 up to 100% of the school-certified cost of attendance minus other aid, not to exceed $99,000. Applicants who are permanent residents of Iowa are subject to a minimum loan amount of $1,001.
Credit Needed660 without a co-signer.
Origination FeeN/A.
Late FeeNone.
Early Payoff PenaltyNone.


Custom Choice student loan: how does it work?

The Custom Choice student loan is aimed at young people who wish to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree. That is, it is a type of loan with low associated fees, including reduced APR.

There is a fixed APR rate that varies between 3.65% and 12.47% and a variable rate between 2.67% and 11.55%.

However, you can get up to $99,000, and there are no extra origination fees, late fees, and prepayment penalties.

Is it worth it to apply for the Custom Choice student loan?

Custom Choice student loan
A completion loan such as this allows for a safe and smooth payment over the long term | Source: Adobe Stock

Choosing a good student loan is essential to ensure a good future and the completion of studies.

However, it is critical to be aware of all the pros and cons of each model. Check out what we separate about the Custom Choice student loan.



  • A credit check is not required to qualify. Fees vary depending on payment and credit usage;
  • There are no late fees;
  • Resources allow faster repayment of the loan;
  • Borrowers have the option of paying interest only, making fixed $25 or full payments during school or deferring payment until graduation.


  • The forbearance program is less generous and slightly inferior compared to other student loans;
  • It does not apply extra payments to the main balance by default.

What credit scores are required for the application?

For the Custom Choice student loan, the credit score varies depending on the type of transaction to be made. If there is no co-signer, the minimum amount is 660.

However, if you choose to add a guarantor-type co-signer, the minimum score may be 600. However, depending on the guarantor’s credit score, the company may not require a minimum score from the borrower.

Custom Choice student loan: applying for this loan today

A loan can solve the lack of money to finish your studies. The rates offered by the Custom Choice student loan are low and allow for peace of mind when completing your undergraduate or graduate degree.

However, knowing how to apply is essential to increase your chances of approval. Check out our post that shows the step-by-step.

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How to apply for Custom Choice student loan?

Do you need a student loan with a relatively low APR? Read our post about the Custom Choice student loan application!

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