Unlock Your Home’s Value Today: PNC HELOC Review

Researching a potential loan for home renovations or debt consolidation? Read our comprehensive review of the PNC HELOC to set out if it's the best option.


Take your projects out from scratch using your home’s equity

Unlock Your Home’s Value Today: PNC HELOC Review. Source: Stealth Capitalist. Source: Stealth Capitalist

Are you thinking of renovating your house or consolidating your debts? Check out our PNC HELOC review!


Apply for the PNC HELOC

Here's our detailed explanation of how to apply for the PNC HELOC in just a few minutes- all stages covered. Read on!

Discover the ins and outs of PNC HELOC, weigh its pros and cons, find out what credit score you need, and learn about potential tax benefits. Then read on and learn!

APRCurrent Prime Rate: 8.25%;
Loan PurposeDebt consolidation, home renovation, mortgage refinance, also large purchases;
Loan Amounts$100 and up;
Credit Needed680;
Terms5–30 years ( except for Tennessee, where it ranges from 5-20 years);
Origination FeeN/A.

PNC HELOC overview

For starters, let’s understand how a HELOC works.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a type of revolving credit that allows homeowners to borrow against the equity in their homes.

Equity is the amount of your home’s value you own outright, minus any outstanding mortgage payments.

With a HELOC, you can borrow up to a certain amount, which is determined based on the equity you have in your home.

HELOCs work similarly to credit cards. So, you can draw on the credit line as needed and only pay interest on the borrowed amount.


PNC HELOC offers several options to access your funds, including online banking, checks, and a card. Thus, you only pay interest on the amount you use.

This loan stands out because you can choose from a fixed or variable interest rate, and in many states, there’s no minimum draw.

However, there’s an annual fee.

Potential Home Renovation Tax Benefits

Home renovations made for medical purposes or to install energy-efficient equipment can be eligible for tax deductions.

Rate reduction

Also, you can get a 0.25% rate discount by setting up and maintaining automated payments from a qualifying PNC checking account.

Is it worth it to apply for PNC HELOC?

Young woman reading a message on the phone in the city
Take your projects out from scratch using your home’s equity. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, a PNC HELOC loan suits homeowners with sufficient home equity and a good credit score.

For example, the flexible nature of the loan can be an advantage and disadvantage, depending on your financial planning style.

So here are some pros and cons of a PNC HELOC loan:


  • Switch between fixed and variable rates;
  • Allows second homes in most states;
  • Flexibility to draw from your credit limit as needed;
  • Rate discounts for PNC checking accounts.


  • It’s not available in all states;
  • It charges an annual fee;
  • A HELOC for investment properties is exclusively offered to customers of rich management services.

What credit score is required for the application?

Indeed, PNC does not disclose a specific credit score requirement, but a score of at least 680 is typically a  good start.

How does the application process work?

Further, review how to apply for PNC Heloc now! Thus, our post below shows you how. So keep reading and find out.


Apply for the PNC HELOC

Here's our detailed explanation of how to apply for the PNC HELOC in just a few minutes- all stages covered. Read on!

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