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OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC has been empowering homeowners with its financial solutions! Read on and achieve your goals!


Enjoy discounts on your APR and flexible conditions!

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Are you ready to apply for the OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC and start a new journey toward financial freedom? Then we can help you!



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OnPoint Community Credit Union provides a simple and quick application process, so you can start enjoying your money as soon as possible! So read on and learn more!

Apply online

The first step to apply for the OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC is to access their official website. We’ve provided it above to help you!

Once you’ve reviewed the HELOC’s main details, select the “Apply Online” button to get started! This will take you to their application form!

Next, select a product, and provide the loan information, including the requested amount, expected terms, and loan reason! Also, provide the property information!

Further, provide your personal and financial information, including contact, address, income, and employment status. You can even upload your documents here!

Follow the application steps! You might have to provide some additional information! Once done, submit the form and wait for the result! It only takes a few minutes!


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Requirements. Source: Adobe Stock

To apply for the OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC, you must have a fair to good credit score.

In addition, depending on the loan option you choose, the Maximum Loan-to-Value cannot exceed 100%. So make sure to check these details.

Overall, you’ll need to be of legal age in your state and provide some documentation, including proof of identity, income, and assets. Check their website for the full list.

Apply on the app

Borrowers can only apply for the OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC through their website.

But you can do so through your mobile device, just follow the steps above and request your HELOC.

OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC vs. MyPoint Credit Union HELOC: which one is the best for you?

Undoubtedly, OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOC is an excellent resource for those who want to tap into their equity quickly!

Still, you might want to expand your options before making a decision! That is why we’ll present the MyPoint Credit Union HELOC!

They provide 12 months of promotional APR and charge no application, pre-payment, annual, or appraisal fees. Plus, your interest rate might be tax deductible.

Great, isn’t it? So compare each product’s main feature below to help you make a more informed decision! Let’s go!

OnPoint Community Credit Union HELOCMyPoint Credit Union HELOC
APR6.25% – 11% APR – you can get fixed or variable APR depending on the HELOC options;7.24% promotional APR for the first 12 months; after that, 8.25% APR;
Loan PurposeHome renovations, debt pay-off, large or unexpected expenses, vacations, weddings, and more;
Debt pay-off, vacation, unexpected expenses, large purchases, home improvements, and more;
Loan AmountsUp to $150,000;Up to $250,000;
Credit NeededFair – Good;Fair – Good;
Terms5 – 30 years;
Not disclosed;
Origination FeeNot disclosed.
Not disclosed.

Do you want to learn more about MyPoint Credit Union HELOC? Then don’t miss our following article! There, you’ll find a step-by-step process for applying for it!

MyPoint Credit Union HELOC logo

Apply for MyPoint Credit Union HELOC

Enjoy a hassle-free process! Apply for MyPoint Credit Union HELOC today and ensure the money you need! Quick application and funding!

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