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Applying for the Discovery Platinum Card: learn how!

Here's everything you need to know before applying for this card. Enjoy a 55 days interest-free period and more! Read on to learn more!


Discovery Platinum Card: Up to 50% cash back on purchases

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Learn how to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card. Source: Stealth Capitalist

If you want the most out of your next credit card, consider applying for the Discovery Platinum Card. With exclusive rewards and benefits, it is a great choice for anyone.


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Discovery Platinum

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Up to 50% cashback on select stores!

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This card has great benefits, including discounted flights and exclusive discounts. Read on to learn more about how you can apply for it!

Apply online

Applying for the Discovery Platinum Card is very simple. However, the procedure must be performed through the mobile app.

Also, you must meet minimum wage and age requirements to start. And have a South African ID and also have proof of recent receipt.

The steps for application through the application are in the next topic.

Apply using the app

Discovery Platinum Card offers a simple application! All you need to do is first have your ID or passport and proof of your residency.

Next, download the Discover app from either Google Play or Apple Store. And register an account or log in if you already have an account.

After that, you can start your Discovery Platinum Card application as a new user or add it as a registered user.

Finally, take all your necessary documents to a Discovery and complete the process. Next, get ready to make more of your money!

Discovery Platinum Card vs. Standard Bank Titanium Card

Compare two options before applying. Source: Freepik

This Discovery Card is great for anyone looking to get cash back on select purchases. After all, you can get up to 50% off on travel and 50% back on dining and other purchases.

However, there are other excellent options in the market. For example, you can opt for the Standard Bank Titanium Card.

With this option, you need a lower salary to apply. Also, it may have relatively lower fees. Compare the two options and which one is better and choose yours.

Discovery Platinum Card

  • Min. Monthly Income: R350 000 to R850 000;
  • Monthly Fee: R70;
  • Initiation Fee: R150 if your limit is less than R2,000; else R185;
  • Interest Rate: Not disclosed. Still, cardholders can count on 55 days of interest-free credit on select transactions;
  • Rewards: Up to 50% off local flights, up to 50% back on healthy food purchases, and savings on international flights, accommodation, and car hire.

Standard Bank Titanium Card

  • Min. Monthly Income: R25 000;
  • Monthly Fee: R86;
  • Initiation Fee: R180;
  • Interest Rate: Personalized rate from 0.25% up to 21% (Qualify for up to 55 days of free interest if your account is paid in full);
  • Rewards: Up to 5% cashback at 10% off when spending R300 or more on ProGifts. Up to 20% discount on Emirates flights and more

Standard Bank Titanium Card might be a very good alternative for you! Do you want to learn how to apply? Check out this post that teaches you step by step.

Standard Bank Logo

Apply for the Standard Bank Titanium Card

Learn how to apply for the Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card and earn up to 5% cashback at! Read on!

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