Make up to R13,240 working at Vodacom: see job vacancies

Explore exceptional job vacancies across South Africa with Vodacom. Enjoy exclusive discounts and career development chances! Read on!


Level up your career with these high-demand job opportunities and above-average salaries!

Make up to R13,240. Source: Vodacom

Vodacom has job vacancies for technology, big data, and digital channel enthusiasts who want to join their team in South Africa.


Apply for Job Vacancies at Vodacom

Discover and apply for the latest job vacancies at Vodacom, a leading telecommunications company. Earn up to R13,240 plus benefits!

Discover their job prospects, career initiatives, perks, and typical salaries. Continue reading to explore the top job openings.

Job positions at Vodacom

Vodacom offers job vacancies, student programs, as well as free technology education for those with limited income. Check them out:

1. Senior Specialist: Software Engineer

If you have experience in high-quality coding standards and problem management, they need skilled software engineers to join their team.

Engineers also design and develop software, test user stories, and support team members and users.

A challenging but exciting role!

2. Portfolio Manager: Customer Experience

As a portfolio manager for customer experience, you’ll contribute to data strategy and align its product roadmap with business goals.

Still, you’ll analyze product performance, guide team members, and present updates to senior management.

3. System Analyst

If you’re organized with experience in system design documents and troubleshooting performance issues, then this can be your role.

Furthermore, you must coordinate, create test plans, and assist with user acceptance testing to improve product delivery.

4. Specialist: Data and Analytics

Their specialists in data and analytics build data models to analyze various metrics.

They also collaborate with their team on business intelligence solutions and provide actionable insights.

JobSeekers Connected

Level up your career with these high-demand job vacancies. Source: Vodacom

It is an initiative in South Africa that provides free access to discounts, courses, and job sites for low-income and unemployed individuals.

With Future Jobs Finder, you can discover digital careers and how to start them.

Also, you can find Udemy Courses and access 700+ online courses for free.

Finally, ConnectU helps you access job sites on your mobile to watch videos, training, as well as other valuable content.

2024 Early Careers Programmes

Besides their initial program, they also offer a 2-year skills program for students and recent graduates.

Participants gain experience, mentorship, as well as a full salary.

Vacancies for the 2024 version are available.

Average salary

This company pays higher salaries than average in South Africa, so here is what to expect to earn:

  • Senior Specialist: It ranges from R633,276 – R 1,208,630 per year;
  • System Analyst: One can earn around R13,240 per month;
  • Specialist: Data and AnalyticsIt is expected to earn approximately R676,000 annually;
  • Portfolio Manager: Customer Experience: R100,400 per year.


This company offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, such as performance bonuses.

Also, discounts on vehicles, popular restaurants, travel, and online shopping.

Still, expect career development, psychological support, sports clubs, and a flexible paid long-period maternity leave.

Vodacom: company overview

Vodacom is South Africa’s largest mobile telecom company, serving over 130 million customers with voice, messaging, data, and digital services.

The company has thousands of employees nationwide and has developed strong relationships with numerous partners and suppliers.

Get a job at Vodacom: learn how to apply

Furthermore, learn how to apply for Vodacom job vacancies in our post below!


Apply for Job Vacancies at Vodacom

Discover and apply for the latest job vacancies at Vodacom, a leading telecommunications company. Earn up to R13,240 plus benefits!

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