Deleted Your Photos? Use These Amazing Apps to Recover Them

Recover deleted photos with ease. Discover the best apps for the job, from free to paid options. Keep reading!


Take advantage of the best photo recovery apps available

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Deleted Your Photos? Use These Amazing Apps to Recover Them. Source: Adobe Stock

Regret deleting photos from your camera roll? Don’t worry! Thanks to technology, there are now apps to recover your deleted photos.




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Retrieve deleted photos, videos, contacts and more!

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Explore the top 10 apps to cherish your memories on iOS, Windows, or Android- and uncover the advantages and disadvantages of each app. Stay tuned for all the details!

Apps to recover deleted photos: how do they work?

Are you curious about how photo recovery apps work? We’ve got the answers for you! 

These innovative apps thoroughly scan your device’s storage, searching for deleted files, such as photos.

After completing the Scan, it shows a clear, comprehensive list of all the deleted photos, ready to recover.

So, you can save your recovered photos directly onto your device or securely store them in an online cloud storage system. It’s that easy!

A Selection of 10 Apps to Recover Deleted Photos

Losing a photo can feel like losing a piece of your past, but with the help of cutting-edge photo recovery apps, you can get those pictures back.

We’ve stacked up 10 options to download on Android and iOS, Windows, Mac, as well as Linux. Check them out!

1. MobiSaver (Android and iOS)

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A Selection of 10 Apps to Recover Deleted Photos. Source: Adobe Stock

Recover messages, contacts, files, as well as photos from your phone’s memory and SD cards.

Quick Scan, select, and recover in minutes. Also, you can save files directly to your computer.

2. Photorec (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

It’s an affordable and user-friendly option for quick file recovery. However, less consistent than advanced programs.

Great for rescuing recently deleted photos, but consider an upgrade for complex recovery tasks.

3. Recuva (Windows and Mac)

Low-cost and user-friendly file recovery option, Recuva is a quick and effective app to recover recently deleted photos.

If you have more complex recovery needs, it’s worth considering an upgrade.

4. DiskDigger (Android)

DiskDigger is an Android photo recovery app. Options: Basic Scan (no root access) and Full Scan (rooted device).

It’s used to select and recover files. However, not all photos can be restored due to damage.

5. Stellar Photo Recovery (Windows and Mac)

Stellar Photo Recovery receives rave reviews. Users report successful recoveries of high-resolution photos and videos from various storage devices.

The free trial is available, but the Standard plan offers unlimited recovery.

Higher plans provide additional features like corrupt photo repair and thumbnail recovery, which are essential for damaged storage devices.

6. PhonePaw (Mac and Windows, Androids and iOs)

The onePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful software used for recovering data.

It restores various files, including videos, photos, audio, notes, archives, and documents.

However, it may impact the performance of other programs running in the background, so stopping all programs for uninterrupted recovery is recommended.




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7. Dumpster app (Android)

The dumpster automatically backs up your photos and moves deleted images to a recycle basket for easy restoration.

You can set storage size and time to control how long the app keeps lost images.

While some cloud backup features are paid, most of the app’s free features are sufficient to recover deleted photos.

8. Undeleter (Android)

This photo recovery app restores deleted files from internal memory or SD card.

It supports various data and file types, ensuring your files return to their original state.

For full app functionality, root access must be enabled on your device, granting complete file system access.

Without root access, the recovery efficiency may be limited.

9. Disk Drill ( Mac and Windows)

Disk Drill is an elite recovery tool with a price tag that reflects its quality.

While the free version is suitable for recovering files under 500MB, the full app requires a one-time fee of $49.

It offers consistent results and can be available on three devices.

The interface is straightforward, and excellent live support and helpful guides are available.

Although it’s a bit pricey, Disk Drill delivers excellent value for its cost.

10. Ultdata by Tenorshare (iOS)

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Take advantage of the best photo recovery apps available. Source: Adobe Stock

A comprehensive iOS recovery app for photos and more. Recovers from factory resets, viruses, and theft.

It works with popular apps like WhatsApp—preview files before recovery.

Still, it supports iOS devices, iTunes, and iCloud. Free trial and paid licenses are available.

Apps to recover deleted photos: pros and cons

Before downloading anything to your device, getting informed about risks and benefits is crucial.

Check out the list of pros and cons of apps to recover photos.


  • User-friendly: Designed for all users, regardless of technical expertise;
  • Convenient: Use directly on your mobile device without special equipment or assistance;
  • Cost-effective: Affordable pricing or even free versions are available;
  • Wide variety: Many apps to choose from on different platforms.


  • Success varies: Results depend on the app, device, and photo condition. Not all photos may be recovered;
  • Security risks: Research reputable apps to protect personal data;
  • Overwriting risk: Follow instructions carefully to avoid overwriting deleted photos.

How to download and use the app?

Learn how to download the majority of the apps mentioned here easily.

  1. Firstly, search the App Store or Play Store and search for the app;
  2. Then download and install it on your device;
  3. After, launch the app and scan for deleted photos;
  4. Select the photos you want to recover once the Scan is complete;
  5. Finally, recover the photos to your device or cloud storage.

As you all know, losing your precious photos may feel like a disaster, but with these top 10 apps, you can easily retrieve them.

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