Avant Credit Card Review: Boost your credit!

Explore the Avant Credit Card through this in-depth review. Learn about its low fees, quick application process, and credit-building features.


A credit builder that doesn’t hide fees

Avant Credit Card
Avant Credit Card Review: Boost your credit! Source: Avant

No more shady cards. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Avant Credit Card. We brought a friend to introduce to you. It is a credit builder with low fees and low annual fees.

Avant Credit Card

Apply for the Avant Credit Card

Apply for the Avant Credit Card effortlessly in just a few minutes. Discover the simplified application process!

In a credit-building moment, you need a good ally. Find out what truly matters about the Avant Credit Card. And most importantly, what might not be so great about his card?

Credit ScoreFrom 600;
Annual Fee$0 – $75;
Purchase APRRanges from 29.24% to 35.99%;
Cash Advance APRRanges from 29.24% to 35.99%;
Welcome BonusN/A;

How does the Avant Credit Card work?

It’s crucial for you to know that for requests made directly through the official Avant Credit Card website, your annual fee won’t exceed $40. This offer seems to be limited, so stay vigilant.

By placing this order through the website, you also secure a minimum limit of $300. It’s a highly dynamic model, thanks to Avant’s modern approach. It’s all digital and fast!

Now, for requests made through other channels, the annual membership fee can range from $0 to $75. There are many possibilities to get an Avant Credit Card, but there’s the best one!

Another interesting advantage of applying through Avant Credit Card is that this request won’t result in a decrease in your credit score. That’s crucial for you, right?

Yes, this card was designed for you to build your credit, not the other way around—meaning it won’t harm your score. You’ve been working hard for this. Here’s a new tool to help!

Avant Credit Card pros and cons

Take a close look at the two lists below. They comprise the core of this review on the Avant Credit Card. Through this analysis, you’ll be able to reach an accurate conclusion. It’s there!


Avant Credit Card
A credit builder that doesn’t hide fees. Source: Avant
  • Free Credit Report: The Avant Credit Card’s focus is to help you build your credit. Therefore, your payment reports will be sent free of charge. This way, credit agencies will be updated with the good news!
  • 24 days with no interest: During this period, no interest will be charged on your purchases. Just make sure to pay off your entire balance by the due date each month. Otherwise, the full interest will be charged from the date of purchase.
  • International transactions are free: No fees will be charged for foreign transactions.
  • Quick application: Thanks to the checking model used to approve the Avant Credit Card for you, there will be a really fast response to your application. How you find out if you’re approved or not is almost automatic.
  • No surprises: The official Avant Credit Card website makes it clear that there will be no surprise fees throughout your relationship with the card. In other words, aside from the fees mentioned in this review, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises.
  • Comfort for the impatient: You’ll be notified when new credit lines are available to you. Therefore, without anxiety, you’ll know when the higher limit is approved.


  • Avoid paying two annual fees: The fee for late card payment is $39. The same amount you pay as an annual fee when applying for the Avant Credit Card through the website. So, be vigilant to avoid having your annual fee “duplicated.”
  • High fee for cash advances: Let’s say you advance $10. You will pay the same $10 in fees alone! And if the 3% of the amount of the cash advance exceeds $10, that’s what will be charged. Keep an eye out and stay sharp!

Does my credit score need to be good?

Avant does not publicly disclose the credit score requirements for its credit cards.

However, based on research conducted by our team, the minimum credit score needed for approval for the Avant Credit Card can be estimated to be between 600 and 700.

Want to apply for the Avant Credit Card?

This time it’s really easy. Moreover, the response happens very quickly. This occurs because the Avant has its own checking method. Want to know more? Then check out our special article!

Avant Credit Card

Apply for the Avant Credit Card

Apply for the Avant Credit Card effortlessly in just a few minutes. Discover the simplified application process!

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