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The best rewards credit cards of 2022: choose your favorite

When choosing the best rewards credit cards, many questions can arise. It is important to analyze carefully so as not to regret it later. So, read on!


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 08/04/2022

Find the right rewards card for your lifestyle

There are many reward card options to choose from. It all depends on the need! Source: Adobe Stock

Choosing a good credit card is difficult. But, choosing the best rewards credit cards is even more. There is a lot of doubt as to which reward is best along with the APR rate.

However, the best card is the one that meets your needs. For example, if you like to dine at restaurants, cards with this type of reward are ideal for you.

two students holding credit cards

Best student credit cards of 2022

If you want to know the best student credit cards in 2022, you've come to the right place! This post will show you the best options according to the analysis.

Or, if you like to travel, rewards in miles might be a good idea. Check out today the options we have separated to help you choose the ideal card.


What kind of benefits do rewards credit cards offer?

There are all kinds of benefits, from cashback to points to be exchanged. Source: Adobe Stock

Credit cards offer a number of benefits that vary by operator. Some offer generous cashback ranging from 1 to 5% on purchases. Others give points that you accumulate and exchange for gifts.

Some companies even offer miles on travel as rewards. And others may offer discounts and cashback on specific purchases linked to the company, such as entertainment and travel.

7 best rewards credit cards to get in 2022

If your question is which is the best Credit card reward, don’t worry, we will answer. However, there is not an exact answer for everyone.

After all, as we said, the best card is the one that fits your needs. Check out the 7 best options for 2022.


1) Chase Freedom Unlimited®

This model is in the first place because it does not charge an annual fee, and the cashback reaches 5%. In addition, it is an option that meets the needs of most people.

  • Credit Score: 670 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $0;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 16.49% – 25.24%; 0% intro APR for 15 months from your account opening on purchases and balance transfers;
  • Welcome bonus: Current offer of a $200 bonus after you spend $500 on purchase in your first 3 months; and 5% cash back at gas stations (up to $6,000 for the first year);
  • Rewards: 5% cash back on travel via Ultimate Rewards, 3% cash back on eligible purchases at pharmacies, restaurants, and delivery, and 1.5% cash back on other types of purchases, see terms.

Check out our post below and learn how to apply for this credit card!

Chase logo on computer

Applying for the Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® card is a great option for people who are looking to get a card with a low APR and no annual fee.

2) Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is perfect for anyone who loves to travel. It offers mileage rewards, no high score required, and a base annual fee.

  • Credit Score: 670 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $95;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 17.49% – 25.49%;
  • Welcome bonus: 75,000 miles after 3 months of use and spending over $4,000;
  • Rewards: Unlimited 2 miles for each dollar on all purchases and unlimited 5 miles for each dollar on hotels and rental cars (valid for the ones booked through Capital One Travel).

Find out how to apply for this card in your post below!

Applying for the Capital One Venture Rewards card

If you're a traveler looking for a new rewards card, consider the Capital One Venture Rewards. Earn two miles for every dollar you spend, unlimited. Read on and learn how

3) Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is an option for people with higher credit scores. The annual fee may be high for some, but the benefits of the point are also high.

  • Credit Score: 740 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $95;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 17.49% – 24.49%;
  • Welcome bonus: 60,000 points after spending $4000 in the first three months;
  • Rewards: 5X points on travel related to Chase Ultimate Rewards®* terms apply; 2x points on other travel; 3x points on eligible dining and delivery purchases;
  • Other rewards: 3x points on grocery stores* terms apply; 3x points on eligible streaming, and 1 point for each dollar you spend on any other purchase.

Learn about the application process for this credit card in our post below!

Applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card will amaze you. If you like being rewarded for your purchases and traveling, consider applying for this card!

4) Discover it® Cash Back

This option is great value for money. After all, there is no annual fee, the APR is lower than other options, and you still get good money back.

And the best thing is that the credit history doesn’t have to be excellent; just a good level is enough.

  • Credit Score: 670 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $0;
  • Regular APR: Variable for purchases between 13.49% – 24.49%;
  • Welcome bonus: Unlimited Cashback Match, an exclusive program with no minimum amounts or maximum rewards to receive. It is an exclusive assessment of each profile;
  • Rewards: 5% cashback on, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, and using PayPal and 1% on all other purchases automatically.

5) Chase Freedom Flex℠

Anyone who loves a good cashback will be delighted with this option. The cashback of this card reaches 5%. In addition, Chase Freedom Flex℠ does not charge an annual fee and has a great welcome bonus.

  • Credit Score: 670 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $0;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 16.49% – 25.24%;
  • Welcome bonus: Receive a $200 bonus after $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of use;
  • Rewards: 5% cash back on purchases of combined and defined categories, up to $1,500, 5% cashback on Chase Ultimate Rewards®, travel purchases, 3% on pharmacies, restaurants, and delivery, and 1% cash back on any other purchase.

Check out our post below to learn how to apply for this incredible credit card!

Chase Freedom Flex℠ card

Applying for the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ card lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with fixed bonus categories and 5% bonus categories that change each quarter. Apply now!

6) U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card

The U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card is perfect for anyone who likes to exchange points for rewards. It has no annual fee for the first year and comes with a starting bonus of 50,000 points.

  • Credit Score: 740 – 850;
  • Annual Fee: $0 in the first year, after, $95;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 18.24% – 26.24%;
  • Welcome bonus: First-year fee waiver and 50,000 bonus points after spending $2,000;
  • Rewards: 5X points on prepaid hotels and car rentals booked via Altitude Rewards Center, 4X points on travel, charging points, and gas stations
  • Other rewards: 2X on streaming platforms, grocery stores, restaurants, and supermarkets, and 1X on other purchases.

7) Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Finally, the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from the American Express model brings a number of benefits. Although the annual fee is $95, you get up to 6% cash back on select purchases. It is worth checking.

  • Credit Score: 690 or better;
  • Annual Fee: $95;
  • Regular APR: Variable between 16.24% to 26.24%; 0% intro APR for your first 12 months from your account opening;
  • Welcome bonus: Receipt of $350 after spending the first $3000 in the first half of use;
  • Rewards: In US supermarkets and subscriptions to streaming platforms, cashback reaches 6%.
  • Other rewards: At gas stations and public transport, the cashback reaches 3%. Finally, the cashback can be 1% on other purchases.

Find other options: best credit cards for traveling

happy traveler waiting for the flight in airport, departure term
Find the best travel credit cards! Source: Adobe Stock

Your goal when buying a credit card may be travel-oriented. With that in mind, some companies have developed great options for points to exchange for rewards.

And those rewards are geared toward travel. The post below talks about it.

travel credit cards 2

5 best options of credit cards for traveling

If you're looking for a new credit card to take on your next trip, check out our list of the best credit cards for travelling.

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