Make up to R5 888 working at Checkers: see job vacancies

Build a successfull career at Checkers. Earn a good salary and enjoy employee benefits - medical aid and more! Keep reading and learn more!


How to Get a Job at Checkers: Vacancies and Benefits

Make up to R5 888 working at Checkers: see job vacancies. Source: Checkers

Checkers is one of South Africa’s leading retail stores, and they have a variety of job vacancies available, from packer to assistant.


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Checkers is one of South Africa’s leading retail stores.

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Discover their job positions, salaries, benefits, and company overview in this blog post. Keep reading!

Job positions at Checkers

If you are considering a job at Checkers, you may be curious about the vacancies. 

In this case, we will discuss in-demand roles at Checkers that do not require extensive qualifications.


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Checkers offers a range of job vacancies, from entry-level to managerial positions.

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1. Cashiers

Firstly, when it comes to job vacancies, Checkers look for cashiers.

These professionals are responsible for processing customer payments and providing exceptional customer service.

2. Storeman

A second job offer that is in demand is storeman.

People in this position manage inventory and ensure proper stock control.

3. Packers

Packs customers’ purchases and manages the flow of goods in and out of the store.

4. Assistants

Provide support to other employees by performing various tasks, such as cleaning, restocking shelves, and more.

5. Bakers

Prepare and bake bread and other baked goods such as cakes, sweets, and pastries.

6. Fruit & vegetable assistant

Finally, they also have vacancies for fruit & vegetable assistants.

These people ensure the fruit and vegetable section is always fresh and well stocked.

Average salary

Checkers employee
Discover the average salary for this company – apply for the job vacancies in Checkers today! Source: Checkers

One of the top questions regarding job positions is the average salary range.

Currently, Checkers pays its employees an average of R24.57 per hour.

However, this range can vary depending on the job position and location.

For instance, a Shelf Packer in Cape Town can expect to earn ZAR 4 217 while cashiers earn an average of R3 488 monthly.

Clerk/sales Assistants can get a higher salary, up to R5 888.55 a month.


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A job opportunity at Checkers can elevate your career with competitive salaries

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There are many advantages to working at Checkers. You will acquire new skills and knowledge and receive personal and professional benefits.

Working in a retail store leads to customer service expertise, efficient communication with the public, and improved problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, the company offers benefits like paid sick leave, medical aid, and employee training.

In addition, employees can advance their careers through multiple promotions available within Checkers.

So why not apply today for Checkers’ job vacancies? They surely bring several advantages.

Checkers: company overview

Checkers is a leading South African retailer owned by Shoprite Holdings, the largest private employer in the country.

The company operates 37 Checkers Hyper stores and 202 Checkers supermarkets in Botswana and South Africa.

Checkers employs over 152,000 people, making it one of the prominent employers in South Africa.

Get a job at Checkers: learn how to apply

Do you want to apply for one of the vacancies at Checkers? Read on to learn where to start!


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Competitive salaries and endless growth opportunities. Learn more.

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