Make up to R5,880 working at Onelogix as a Truck Driver: see vacancies

Turn your passion for driving into a rewarding career! Onelogix, one of South Africa's top logistics companies - develope your career easily! Read on!


Exciting jobs in the Trucking Industry!!

Make up to R5,880 – discover OneLogix job vacancies. Source: OneLogix

Are you looking for a full-time job as a truck driver? Onelogix may have the perfect vacancies for you!


Apply for job vacancies at Onelogix

Find exciting job vacancies at Onelogix and easily apply for truck driver positions with our comprehensive application guide. Read on!

Discover the vacancies, job duties, and average salary in this blog post. Keep reading for all the details!

Job positions at Onelogix

This company is searching for truck drivers with hard work, motivation, and strong career ambition.

As part of their team, truck drivers transport various goods and materials to different places, often long distances.

Having previous experience driving heavy vehicles is good, but it’s not always a key factor for applicants.

Let’s look at some examples of loads that truck drivers may handle:

  • Bulk goods: Coal, grains, or sand;
  • Perishable goods: Truck drivers may transport goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature, such as fresh produce or frozen food.

Driver Learnership Program

This company is also offering a driver learnership program to those who don’t have previous experience.

Onelogix vacancies combine theory and hands-on working sessions to prepare candidates for the real-world market.

They’ll then learn how to operate heavy vehicles safely, navigate various traffic conditions and terrains, as well as keep the vehicle in optimal condition.

This program is open to grades 10, 11, or 12.

Other Vacancies

Although truck drivers are the most sought-after position, the company has other vacancies.

They look for workers such as warehouse staff, office administrators, and cleaning.

Average salary

OneLogix employees
Exciting job offers in the Trucking Industry! Source: OneLogix

As a truck driver in South Africa, you can anticipate an average salary of R198,000 per year.

For drivers with 0-2 years of experience, the monthly salary ranges around R5,880.

However, if you have no prior experience, you can expect to earn about R4,960 monthly.

Overall, a truck driver in this category’s highest salary is R6,700.

These figures may vary depending on experience, qualifications, and the specific industry.


This company not only provides an great salary to its employees.

Also, they focus on good working conditions, friendly staff, and a clear career path.

In addition to these perks, it ensures punctual salary payments and training for its drivers.

Also, it offers ample opportunities for growth and development, thus fostering a nurturing and good work environment.

Onelogix: company overview

This leading transport and supply chain solutions company is based in South Africa.

They manage services, including logistics, warehouse management, and cross-border transportation.

Get a job at Onelogix: learn how to apply

Are you looking to become a truck driver? Learn how to apply for Onelogix vacancies in our post. Keep reading!


Apply for job vacancies at Onelogix

Find exciting job vacancies at Onelogix and easily apply for truck driver positions with our comprehensive application guide. Read on!

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