Chime® Debit Card full review

A debit card with no monthly fees and no minimum balance sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Check out our Chime® Debit Card review to see how it works!


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 09/21/2022

Chime® Debit Card: No monthly fees or minimum balance requirements!

Chime Card
Check out our Chime® Debit Card review! Source: Chime

A debit card is a great option for anyone. In this sense, choosing the Chime® Debit Card can help you organize your finances. So, read our Chime® Debit Card review to learn more about this card!

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Applying for the Chime® Debit Card

Need a debit card to help you save money and pay no monthly fees? Then the Chime® Debit Card can help you! Learn how to apply to be approved!

This option is versatile and doesn’t have a lot of associated fees, allowing you to put it to good use. Check out more about the card!

  • Credit Score: Does not disclose;
  • Annual Fee: No monthly fees;
  • Regular APR: N/A;
  • Welcome bonus: None;
  • Rewards: N/A.


How does the Chime® Debit Card work?

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Learn how this card works! Source: Adobe Stock

The Chime® Debit Card can be a great option for anyone who needs a card with no overdraft fees or monthly fees.

It allows advance payment of up to 2 days. In addition, it has no additional maintenance and service fees and an extensive network of ATMs.

Chime® Debit Card pros and cons

Like every debit card option, the Chime® Debit Card has pros and cons. It has no monthly fees as its main benefit. In addition, it allows the anticipation of the deposit for up to 2 days.

Therefore, check out the pros and cons of this card below!



  • No monthly fee;
  • No minimum balance;
  • No overdraft fees;
  • Early access to direct deposits up to 2 days in advance;
  • There is a wide network of ATMs, with over 60,000 spread across the country.


  • Difficulty making cash deposits, which can only be made with Chime partners, and a fee may still be required;
  • Extra charges for ATM transactions outside the official network.

Does my credit score need to be good?

The official websites and Chime® Debit Card reviews are unclear about the required credit score. However, since it’s a debit card, you’ll probably only need to create your account to be able to apply and get the card.

Want to apply for the Chime® Debit Card?

Like other options, the Chime® Debit Card has an online application. However, it is essential to know how to perform the application correctly to increase the chances of approval and that it is fast.

Do you want to know the procedure to apply without making errors? Then check out our post below with all the necessary steps!

Chime Card

Applying for the Chime® Debit Card

Need a debit card to help you save money and pay no monthly fees? Then the Chime® Debit Card can help you! Learn how to apply to be approved!

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