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Unlock your career potential with a job at KFC

COLOGNE, GERMANY - September 8, 2016: KFC fast food restaurant.
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For all of you KFC enthusiasts out there, we’ve got some exciting news – KFC is now hiring! So if you want to find a job at KFC, you’re in the right place!


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Make up to £50.000 per year! Count on health insurance and paid time off!

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We’ll explain everything about this company and its job positions! Find out more about these amazing job opportunities below.

KFC: company overview


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Do you want to apply for a job at KFC? So keep reading and find out!

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KFC is committed to making the world a better place.

Moreover, more than 35,000 people are employed at KFC restaurants and support centers.

KFC is the most beloved fried chicken brand in the world. And KFC works hard to bring this brand further into markets.

All this while also acting responsibly with respect to food, the planet, and people. So, they look forward to finding great talent to make this vision come true.

Job positions at KFC

KFC Employees
Job positions at KFC. Source: KFC

From Food Service Team Member positions to Senior Brand Manager roles, job seekers can find jobs that suit their interests, skills, and qualifications.

Shift Supervisor roles are available for those willing to take on management responsibilities.

Moreover, leadership positions for Fast Food Services NQF 3 provide job training and an opportunity to develop important job skills.

For experienced workers, several advanced roles include Senior Development Manager and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes Manager.

In addition, KFC offers jobs as Design Managers or Brand Reputation Managers, allowing job seekers to significantly impact the brand’s presence.

Average Salary

The KFC company offers an average salary that ranges from £30.000 to £50.000 per year.

Furthermore, this company offers potential for career growth and increased wages.

However, compared to other job opportunities in the same industry, KFC offers competitive salaries that help workers maintain their quality of life.


Not only do KFC employees receive competitive wages, but they also receive a variety of benefits.

This includes health insurance, discounts on meals, and vacation time off for those who meet certain job requirements.

Working in various roles within the company will provide the opportunity to develop skills and problem-solving that are useful in any work environment.

Also, in some strategic positions, you can choose to work remotely. Those looking for a job with solid pay and benefits should consider applying at KFC.

Get a job at KFC: learn how to apply

Are you interested and want to have a job at KFC? So you need to follow a simple step-by-step to increase the chances of approval.

We separate this article below to help you with the application. Check out!

Learn how to apply for a job at KFC

Do you want to apply for a job at KFC? So keep reading and find out! Make up to £50.000 annually with this company! Read on to learn more!

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