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How about a card that gives you unlimited cash back rewards in all of your purchases?

Chase Freedom Unlimited®, the card that rewards you for the way you live!


With the Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card, you can earn 3% cash back on restaurants and drugstore purchases, 5% back on travel booked through Chase and 1.5% back on other purchases. All that with a $0 annual fee! It is a perfect choice if you want to be rewarded while shopping and enjoying life!


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Check out below some of the main perks this card has to offer!

$0 annual fee
1.5% cash back in every purchase
0% intro APR
Flexible redemption options

You will remain in the same website

If you’re looking to increase the credit limit on your Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card, you can do so by logging into your online account and submitting a request. Alternatively, you can contact Chase credit card customer service directly. Keep in mind that approval is based on various factors, including your credit history and current financial situation.

Yes, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a Visa-branded product. This means cardholders can enjoy the global acceptance and security features associated with Visa, in addition to the benefits provided by Chase. Whether shopping domestically or internationally, the card offers broad acceptance.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card is unique due to its straightforward cash back rewards system. Unlike cards with rotating categories, the Freedom Unlimited® offers a consistent cash back rate on all purchases, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer simplicity and predictability in their rewards.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a beacon of simplicity, offering consistent cash back on all purchases. A prime choice for those valuing straightforward rewards.

Considering an alternative? The Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card shines bright. With diverse rewards, it caters to a broad spectrum of spending habits.

Chase Freedom Flex℠ boasts rotating cash back categories, travel benefits, and enticing bonus offers. Its adaptability suits varied lifestyles perfectly.

Intrigued by the Chase Freedom Flex℠? Explore its plethora of features in depth. Ready to redefine your credit experience? Apply via the link below!

Chase Freedom Flex℠ card

How to apply for a Chase Freedom Flex℠ Credit Card

Follow this easy step-by-step guide and apply for your Chase Freedom Flex℠ in minutes!

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