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Looking for a credit card with an extensive low intro APR?

The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card has no annual fees and 0% APR for the first 21 billing cycles!


Find your financial freedom with the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card! With excellent or very good credit scores, you’ll be able to access no-hassle financing at 0% interest for the 18 months, no annual fees – so you can keep more of what’s yours in your wallet. Plus, this feature isn’t all about money; it offers cell phone theft protection as an added perk that puts safety above all else.


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The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card is perfect for people with good or excellent credit scores. Check out some of the main benefits!

0% APR for 18 billing cycles;
Flexible payment date;
Theft insurance;
Fast online approval.

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The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card, a standout credit solution in the realm of simplicity and efficiency.

This card is an excellent choice for those who value a straightforward credit experience with an emphasis on flexible payment options and long-term financial management.

It’s designed for individuals seeking a reliable and uncomplicated card that aligns with a prudent and balanced financial lifestyle.

Advantages to Enjoy

  • Extended Introductory APR: Ideal for significant purchases or consolidating debt, with an extended period of low introductory APR, offering financial flexibility.
  • No Annual Fee: This card is cost-efficient for daily use, as it eliminates the extra expense of an annual fee, making it a budget-friendly option for all kinds of users.
  • Cell Phone Protection: Offers protection for your cell phone against damage or theft, a valuable feature, especially when the phone bill is paid using the card.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Users can choose their payment due date, enhancing convenience and aiding in better budget management.
  • Fraud Protection: Features robust security measures including zero fraud liability, which safeguards users against unauthorized transactions, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Provides added protection with auto rental collision damage waiver, an essential benefit for travelers using rental vehicles.
  • Free Credit Score Access: Regular access to your credit score without charge, helping you stay informed about your credit status.

Disadvantages to Keep an Eye On

  • No Rewards Program: The absence of a rewards program can be a significant downside for those who look to earn points or cash back on their expenditures.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: Incurs additional charges on foreign transactions, making it less suitable for international travelers or purchases made abroad.
  • Limited Additional Perks: Compared to other premium cards, it offers fewer perks, which might not satisfy users seeking extensive benefits from their credit card.
  • High APR Post-Introductory Period: After the introductory APR period, the standard APR can be relatively high, affecting those who tend to carry balances.
  • Good to Excellent Credit Required: Generally requires a good to excellent credit score for approval, potentially limiting accessibility for some applicants.
  • No Sign-Up Bonus: Lacks an initial welcome bonus, a feature that is commonly offered by many competitive credit cards, potentially reducing its initial appeal.
  • Balance Transfer Fee: Although it offers an introductory APR on balance transfers, the card charges a fee for these transactions.

In conclusion, the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card is a solid choice for those who value straightforward features, such as an extended introductory APR period and no annual fee.

While it lacks a rewards program and some premium benefits, it remains a practical option for users who prioritize basic yet essential credit card functions.

It’s particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to manage larger debts efficiently during the introductory period.

The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card is one of the best offerings available, as it includes a fantastic introductory offer for those who sign up for a new card. Customers can enjoy the 0% intro APR for 18 billing cycles, which applies to purchases and balance transfers. Also, customers can count on no annual fee and up to $600 cell phone protection!

The U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card requires a minimum credit score of 690 or higher to qualify, meaning you’ll need at least good credit to be eligible. Of course, a great credit score is just one part of the equation; U.S. Bank will also consider your income, existing debts, and other information in deciding if you’re approved for the card. Do your research thoroughly before applying and ensure you meet all relevant qualifications to increase your chances of success.

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card is an ideal credit card option for people with excellent or very good credit scores, as no annual fee is involved. Furthermore, the card offers customers a 0% introductory bonus during the first year to get them started, and they can benefit from a competitive APR afterward. Although U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card may be missing some of the perks offered by other cards, it offers its users cell phone theft protection to give them peace of mind regarding the security of their mobile devices.

If you’d like to apply for the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card, check the following link. We’ve prepared a complete walkthrough of the process for you.

US Bank Visa Platinum® Card

How to apply for the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card

Looking to apply for the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum® Card? This guide will help you! Pay no annual fee and enjoy 0% intro APR.

The U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card is a great option for a good credit score. However, if you’re not quite there yet, there are still options for you.

The Aspire® Credit Card can be a very interesting alternative if you like cash back. Check out how to apply this option with the post below.

Aspire® logo

How to apply for the Aspire® Credit Card

The Aspire® Credit Card can help you rebuild your credit score. However, here's how to apply to be approved and start using your card.

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