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Debit card with very interesting rewards and no credit score required

Walmart MoneyCard: Up to 3% cash back across the Walmart network


Walmart MoneyCard is the perfect option for those who do a lot of shopping across the Walmart network. After all, the card brings 3% cash back at Walmart.com, 2% at Walmart gas stations, and 1% at Walmart stores, which can reach up to $75 every year. In addition, you do not need a credit score to apply, and there are no associated maintenance fees.


You will remain in the same website

Check out the main benefits of using a Walmart MoneyCard!

No credit score required;
You can waive the monthly fee;
3% cashback at Walmart.com;
1% cash back at Walmart stores.

You will remain in the same website

No pre-established line of credit is associated with a Walmart MoneyCard account; therefore, you will need to load funds into the card before making purchases. Consequently, you’ll be able to use this as a debit card and still earn rewards, which is one of the reasons why this card can be so good!

The application process to get the Walmart MoneyCard does not run a credit check. However, you cannot increase your credit score while using the card because the card needs to share account information with the major credit bureaus.

Monthly fees are not applicable if you have received at least $500 in payroll or government benefits via direct deposit in the prior monthly statement period. The standard monthly fee is $5.94, regardless of the situation. The first monthly fee will be charged on the day of your first use if it is less than 90 days after your card was purchased.

Walmart MoneyCard

How to apply for the Walmart MoneyCard

The Walmart MoneyCard is a debit card with up to 3% cashback. Check out how to apply for this debit card online!

For you who use Walmart frequently, Walmart MoneyCard Debit Card can be a great option. However, you can also think of other debit cards like the Chime® Debit Card.

See how to apply for this alternative in our post below!

Chime® Debit Card

How to apply for the Chime® Debit Card

If you need a debit card with no monthly or hidden fees to save money, read on to learn how to apply for the Chime® Debit Card!

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