From Planning to Labor: Pregnancy Test Apps for Future Mothers

The journey to motherhood is full of questions and uncertainties, but these top-rated 5 pregnancy apps can help make it a little easier. Check them out!


Stay organized and informed at every stage with these pregnancy apps

From Planning to Labor: Pregnancy Test Apps for Future Mothers. Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re expecting or trying to conceive a baby, you deserve all the support you can get. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top pregnancy test apps for 2023.


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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

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Get support during your pregnancy!

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With helpful resources like images, tips for conception, and answers to your burning questions, these apps are a must-have for any mom-to-be. So let’s find the perfect app!

Pregnancy test apps: how do they work?

Pregnancy test apps typically work two ways: testing pregnancy via Bluetooth or tracking the journey.

The first option works by syncing with a physical pregnancy test kit to an app on your phone. Then the results appear on the stick or in the app.

Also, it provides additional resources and features to help track your pregnancy. The second type of app doesn’t test your pregnancy.

Indeed, it offers personalized tips, due date calculations, and other helpful resources based on your information.

These apps can also help track your pregnancy journey with features such as weight tracking, daily health tips, and even fetal development updates.

5 Must-Have Pregnancy Test Apps for Every Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy test apps can be a helpful tool for those trying to conceive or monitor their menstrual cycle.

Also, they offer convenience, affordability, and privacy.

Most importantly, moms-to-be can keep track of their baby’s growth and watch out for unusual symptoms.

Thinking about it, we’ve compiled a list of five top-notch pregnancy apps to support them.

1. First Response Pregnancy PRO (Android)

A woman waiting for pregnancy test results, holding her phone.
Stay organized and informed at every stage with these pregnancy apps. Source: Adobe Stock

This app allows women to test if they are pregnant and receive results via Bluetooth. Using a urine test, you can obtain results in just three minutes.

While waiting for the results, the app provides educational content on pregnancy and calming videos.

If the result is positive, you can easily share the news through text or email and track your pregnancy progress.

In addition, it provides tips to optimize the chances of conceiving.


  • Tips to enhance chances of conceiving;
  • Personalized messages based on your situation;
  • Meditation guide and other tools to relax during result waiting.

2. Pregnancy+ (iOS and Android)

Covering all stages of pregnancy, the Pregnancy+ app provides valuable information and resources.

It is recommended for women who are already pregnant, as it offers daily articles tailored to their specific week of pregnancy.

It comes with various topics such as breastfeeding, exercises, and changes in the baby.

The app allows personalization of pregnancy tracking according to individual needs. Plus, it supports sharing it with partners or other app users.


  • 3D models showcasing the baby’s development process;
  • Zoom view to observe fetus details;
  • Pregnancy planning tools, including a list of nearby hospitals and a birth calendar with prenatal appointments;
  • Baby-size guide compared to animals and fruits.

3. Flo (Android and iOS)

Flo is an app that supports women in tracking their period and their pregnancy journey.

If you’re trying to conceive, you can input your goals into the app, track your intercourse dates, and get insights into the best time to try.

For those already pregnant, Flo can serve as a helpful diary to record each step, providing daily support, tips on body changes, and updates on the baby’s growth.

The app also offers instructions and tips to assist in the conception process.


  • Pregnancy calendar;
  • Parenting advice;
  • Reminders for medication and appointments.

Mobile App

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Simple Reliable

Get support during your pregnancy!

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4. Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week (iOS and Android)

Designed for users who have experienced a pregnancy loss before, Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week provides valuable support during this important journey.

It offers features such as tracking unusual symptoms and addressing emotional challenges to help you feel more empowered.

You can also benefit from its baby registry feature, which provides product recommendations and reviews from other parents.

Additionally, the app lets you track your baby’s weight, medication, and more.


  • Integration with Apple’s Health app and MyFitnessPal;
  • Photos showcasing fetal development and baby sizes;
  • Contraction tracking capabilities;
  • No trying-to-conceive support.

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker (iOS and Android)

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. Source: Google Play

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker offers expecting mothers a personalized timeline of their baby’s growth.

See complete with 3D images of the fetus,  symptom alerts, informative articles, nutritional guidance, and much more.

This pregnancy app informs you about your baby’s movements and provides insights into the vital relationship between nutrition and development.


  • A calendar to keep track of important appointments and pregnancy events;
  • Excellent data collection capabilities;
  • Health assessment tools.

Pregnancy test apps: pros and cons

Pregnancy test apps can be a helpful tool for expectant mothers.

Still, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and use them with advice from your healthcare provider.


Convenience: Access crucial pregnancy information on your smartphone, making it easy to stay updated and track your progress.

Personalization: Many apps offer personalized tips and resources based on your due date and other information you provide.

Support: Pregnancy apps provide a supportive community of other moms-to-be going through similar experiences.

Informative: Pregnancy test apps offer a wealth of information about pregnancy, including fetal development, nutrition, and exercise.


Accuracy: While pregnancy test apps claim to offer accurate results, they’re not always reliable.

Over-reliance: Using pregnancy test apps may lead some women to delay seeking prenatal care or receiving necessary medical treatment.

How to download and use the app?

Downloading and using pregnancy test apps is quick and easy.

Simply search for your chosen app in your app store, download it, and follow the prompts to set up your profile and start using it.

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