Make up to R19,000 working at DHL: see job vacancies

Step into the world of logistics through DHL vacancies. From entry-level positions to expert roles, enjoy amazing employee benefits!


Discover career-shaping opportunities at DHL’s global logistics hub

Make up to R19,000 working at DHL: see job vacancies. Source: DHL

Are you looking for fresh opportunities to work in logistics? Explore DHL vacancies and join their multinational team!


Apply Now for Job Vacancies at DHL

Join the global logistics leader, DHL! Learn how to apply for DHL job vacancies here effortlessly! Earn up to R19,000!

Let’s delve into the diverse job openings, competitive salaries, and outstanding benefits that await you at DHL. Read on to find out!

Job positions at DHL

DHL, the largest international logistics company, has a strong presence in South Africa and is actively seeking professionals.

So, if you’re interested in working with them, here’s a brief overview of the available vacancies at DHL.

1. Forklift Driver

The Forklift Driver’s responsibility is to transport pallets safely and stock between locations.

So, if you have a forklift license, you can apply for the job and assist in maintaining efficient warehouse operations.

2. Operations Controller

Another role in demand at DHL is operation controller. These professionals oversee and manage various operational activities within the company.

They ensure that processes run efficiently. Then, if you have experience in this field and are looking for a job, this could be your fit.

3. Sourcing Manager

Thirdly, DHL also seeks sourcing managers to identify and secure the resources and supplies for their operations.

If you are keen on this field and meet the skills and requirements, don’t miss the chance to work for this multinational.

4. In-House Customer Executive

Still, DHL needs in-house customer Executives to work closely with their customers.

These professionals are bound to address customers’ needs and deliver the best service under DHL.

Overall, these job opportunities are open to individuals interested in contributing to DHL’s success and helping the company thrive in South Africa.

Average salary

Salaries for the positions available vary. So, the salaries below don’t reflect the exact amount that DHL offers.

Still, they represent the medium wage these professionals earn in the country.

  • Forklift Driver: R 13,500 per month;
  • Operations Controller: R 19,000 per month;
  • Sourcing Manager: R 52,500 per month;
  • In-House Customer Executive: R 28,400 per month.


Discover career-shaping job vacancies at DHL global logistics hub. Source: DHL

At DHL, employees count on a workplace that cares about them. So, here’s what DHL brings to the table:

1. Good Pay

DHL ensures that employees get competitive pay for their hard work.

2. Grow Your Career

Also, this company is all about helping employees advance. They offer training and opportunities to move up.

3. Stay Healthy 

In addition, they provide extensive health programs for both physical and mental well-being.

4. Balance Your Life 

DHL understands that a work-life balance is crucial, so they offer family-friendly schedules.

5. Secure Your Future

Finally, this logistics company values your success and well-being, providing healthcare and pension plans to their staff.

DHL: company overview

DHL is the world’s top logistics company, operating in over 220 countries and territories.

They’re a dynamic global chain that moves goods across borders, offering logistics solutions for various business needs.

The types of transportation include electronics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

DHL aims to ensure these items reach their destinations efficiently and reliably.

Get a job at DHL: learn how to apply

Ready to start working for DHL? Find out how to apply and set yourself up for success in our guide below.


Apply Now for Job Vacancies at DHL

Join the global logistics leader, DHL! Learn how to apply for DHL job vacancies here effortlessly! Earn up to R19,000!

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