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Salary between R4 000 and R7 000 per month at Wimpy: see job positions!

Wimpy Employees
Make up to R4 000 per month working at Wimpy: see job positions. Source: Wimpy

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Unlock your career potential with a job at Wimpy


Wimpy offers generous employment benefits schemes to eligible workers. These benefits vary by location due to franchising, but commonly provided work benefits include:


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Working at Wimpy can be both a rewarding and fun experience. After all, you have various positions.

Paid holidays;
Pension schemes;
Life insurance options & Healthcare vouchers;
Childcare vouchers for qualified associates.

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Do you want to make a bit of extra money every month? Then look no further! Getting a job at Wimpy is ideal! It is one of South Africa’s most beloved fast-food joints.

After all, you can have pay and flexible hours and enjoy delicious burgers with your co-workers after a shift. So, if you have ever wanted to work in the food industry, read on!

As a cashier, you are the face of the restaurant and provide customers with accurate and efficient checkout service.

Furthermore, as a waiter/waitress, your job is to ensure the customers have an excellent dining experience by taking their orders accurately and kindly interacting with them.


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Apply for a job at Wimpy through our step-by-step guide.

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Working as a grill cook or chef, you can help create unique dishes that delight customers.

Moreover, there is always the opportunity to work as Assistant Restaurant Manager or General Restaurant Manager.

Average salary

Wimpy store
Learn the average salary to work at Wimpy! Source: Wimpy

Wimpy is a company operating in South Africa. The average salary for jobs at Wimpy varies depending on the position.

Entry-level job positions at Wimpy, such as customer service or sales representatives, earn around R4 000 a month.

More experienced positions, like managers or engineers, earn higher monthly salaries ranging from R7 000 monthly.

Salary levels depend on the location of the job, with roles in cities like Lagos or Johannesburg offering higher pay than in rural areas.

The company offers career growth opportunities, including ongoing training to help employees develop new skills and increase their earning potential.

Wimpy: company overview

Wimpy is a fast-food chain founded in 1934 in Indiana. It serves made-to-order burgers, fries, and milkshakes. The menu also includes onion rings, chicken wings, and breakfast.

Therefore, Wimpy has locations in over 20 countries and prides itself on using fresh ingredients.

Grand Metropolitan acquired the company in 1972, which expanded its reach across the UK. In 2007, Wimpy was sold to Famous Brands, which now operates most of it.

Wimpy is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and affordable prices. Its locations often have a retro diner theme.

Overall, Wimpy remains a popular choice for fast food fans looking for a tasty meal at a reasonable price.

Get a job at Wimpy: learn how to apply

A job at Wimpy could be just what you need to improve your salary and grow. After all, you have incredible benefits and a chance to advance quickly.

If you are interested in a job at Wimpy, you must know the requirements to apply. Check it out and the step-by-step in this guide that we prepared for you.


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Enjoy life insurance and childcare vouchers! Keep reading and learn more!

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