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Applying for the Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa credit card: learn how!

With a Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa card, you will double your limit in a few months. Ready to get yours? Here’s a step-by-step how-to.


by Danilo Pereira

05/15/2022 | Updated on 07/12/2022

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa credit card: double your credit limit within months

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Applying for a Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa card is a very simple process which takes only a few minutes to complete. Everything is done online, so if you are reading this you are already half-way there. Make sure you have all your personal info at hand, and let’s do this.


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Apply today with this easy step-by-step guide and quickly double your credit limit.

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Apply Online

On Merrick Bank’s homepage, run your cursor over the “products” tab at the top of the page to reveal a dropdown menu, and then click on “Our Cards”. Scroll down and you will see their three options, of which the Double Your Line Secured Credit Card will be in the middle. Click on “Learn More”. Now you are at a page with two card options, so click “Apply Now” near our desired credit card.

Select a color for your card, and enter your personal info such as first and last names, home address, email, phone numbers, date of birth and social security number. Then you must click “continue to the next step”. Now you must enter your financial information with your gross annual income, monthly mortgage or rent payment, and answer the “yes” or “no” question about whether you will need a debit card.

Once you hit “continue to next step” you will see the e-sign disclosure. Check the little box at the bottom to confirm that you agree and click “continue to next step”. You will now be presented with a summary of the service, so after reading it click on “continue to next step”. Then, enter your card info to make your security deposit. Once the deposit has been made, you will see the application summary, and your account is ready to go. The bank should contact you with details of your new Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa card.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa vs. Surge Secured Mastercard: choose the best card!

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Here’s a comparison to help put things into perspective. Source: Adobe Stock

Still not ready to pull the trigger on this one? Here is a little help. We put the table below together with another, similar credit card offer, so that you can compare them. Which one do you think is best for you? The Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured Visa card or the Surge Secured Mastercard?

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Secured VisaSurge Secured Mastercard
Sign-up bonusN/AN/A
Annual fee$36$69
RewardsN/A1% cash back on every purchase
Other perksN/AN/A
APRVariable 17.70% – 22.70%N/A

Applying for the Surge Secured Mastercard

Learn how to apply for this card and start rebuilding your damaged credit score in just a few clicks!

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