College Ave student loan review: is it worth it?

Completing the studies is the dream of many people, but sometimes there is a lack of money. Check out how the College Ave student loan can save you.


by Sabrina Paes

Published on 09/13/2022

College Ave student loan review and benefits: no origination fees and flexible terms!

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Read our College Ave Student Loans review! Source: College Ave Student Loans

Studies are essential for achieving a good professional career. And to top it off, you might need some extra cash. The College Ave Student Loan may be the solution you are looking for.

The College Ave Student Loan is a great option because it makes borrowing easy.

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College Ave student loan application

Knowing how to apply for a loan can bring greater chances of approval. Check out how College Ave student loan application works and make yours.

It brings low rates for those who pay on time and those who opt for autopay. It also allows for co-signer participation, which helps to lower the APR rate even further.

And you can select a category your studies fall under to reduce the rate further. See more details about this option.

APR*Undergraduate Student Loans:

Variable APR ranges from 1.79% to 13.85%
Fixed APR ranging from 3.22% to 13.95%

Graduate Student Loans:
Variable APR ranges from 1.76% to 10.97%
Fixed APR ranging from 3.99% to 11.98%

*Terms apply
Loan PurposeUndergraduate, Graduate (including MBA, law, dental, medical, and other health professions), Parent loans, Career programs, and Student loan refinancing
Loan AmountsIt depends on the loan type
Credit NeededNot disclosed
Origination FeeNone
Late Fee*There are late fees, but they depend on the loan type

*Terms apply
Early Payoff PenaltyNone

College Ave student loan: how does it work?

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The College Ave Student Loan is a great option to earn credit and complete your studies. It has different loan modalities like an undergraduate, graduate, parent, and refinancing.

APR fees vary by category, but you have no origination fees and no early payoff penalty fees. In addition, you can finance your entire course, just apply in the right way.

Is it worth it to apply for the College Ave student loan?

To answer this question, it is important to analyze some factors. College Ave Student Loan has low APR rates that may vary by category. However, it also has late fees and other disadvantages. Check out the pros and cons below!


  • Possibility of pre-qualification with a smooth credit check;
  • Speed in the process, being able to approve the loan in up to 3 minutes if everything is right;
  • Flexible repayment options;
  • No origination fees;
  • Allows co-signer release for private loans, which can reduce fees.


  • Refinancing can only be requested if you have already completed your studies;
  • Half of the refund period must have passed to release the co-signer.

What credit scores are required for the application?

To apply for a College Ave student loan, you do not need excellent credit. The average of those who succeed is a credit score of 600.

However, it is critical that you and your co-signer have a good prior credit history. Thus, your chances of approval faster are greatly increased.

College Ave student loan: applying for this loan today

To have a good chance of approval, it is essential to know how to apply correctly. So, check out the post below that we prepared with the step-by-step to help you.

College Ave Student Loans logo

College Ave student loan application

Knowing how to apply for a loan can bring greater chances of approval. Check out how College Ave student loan application works and make yours.

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