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Applying for the American Express Platinum card: learn how!

In this post, you'll learn how to apply for the American Express Platinum credit card. Check the requirements and the benefits you'll get with the best travel card in the market!


by Julia Bermudez

02/10/2022 | Updated on 02/15/2022

American Express Platinum Card: get elite status and discounts at hotels to travel with style

Logo American Express fundo azul
One of the most desired silver metal cards, the American Express Platinum. Source: Youtube American Express.

The American Express Platinum Card is a great way to get exclusive benefits to travel with no worries. This card has no preset credit limit and will take you places and buy you the best gifts.

If you’re looking to travel in style, the Amex Platinum card is worth considering. With this silver card, you gain access to airport lounges. Waiting for your flight will never be the same.

Platinum members have an outstanding Concierge Service. You can count on specialists to help you book the best hotels with special conditions. This service will improve your holiday trips, and you’ll make the best of your free time.

We’ll show you how to apply for this card and take advantage of all its benefits in this post. So read on and learn more about this prestigious credit card!


Credit Card

American Express Platinum

Reward Points Elite Status

Enjoy a special treatment at airports, events and hotels.

You will be redirected to another website

Credit ScoreAbove 720 (recommended)
Annual Fee$695
Regular APR15.99% to 22.99% (variable)
Welcome bonusNew members earn 100,000 Membership Reward Points after spending $6,000
Rewards 1x to 5x Reward Points for each dollar spent (according to the category of each purchase)

Apply online

Check out how the application process works. Source: Pexels.

The whole application process is made online.

Go to the American Express website. There, you’ll find info about the Platinum credit card.

You can analyze the perks, the discounts you’ll get at a variety of services, the conditions, and fees.

Hit the button “apply now”. Be ready to click the button right away if you receive more than 100,000 Membership Reward Points as an offer. You can get 125,000 or even 150,000 if you’re lucky.

You’ll be redirected to a form, whit basic info. Full name, social security number, contact information.

Also, American Express wants to know how much you earn. After all, can you afford to be a Platinum member?

Before applying for the American Express Platinum card, check if you fulfill the basic requirements. Otherwise, save your energy and time.

To be considered, you’ll need the following:

  • Excellent credit score, as the recommended is at least 720
  • Respectable credit history. As the card have no preset credit limit, you need a reliable reputation to be approved.
  • At least $50,000 income per year, as well as a steady source of this income.

Apply using the app

The application can not be done by any app. The only way to apply is through the American Express website.

American Express Platinum credit card vs. American Express Gold credit card

To help you decide whether you’ll apply for the American Express Platinum or not, we’ll give you a comparison with the American Express Gold. Check their features and see which one is the best for you:

American Express Platinum cardAmerican Express Gold card
Credit Score720 or higher (recommended)670 or higher
Annual Fee$695$250
Regular APR 15.99% to 22.99% (variable) 5.99% to 22.99% variable
Welcome bonus100,000 Membership Reward points (after $6,000 spent)60,000 Membership Reward points (after $4,000 spent)
Rewards 1x to 5x Reward Points for each dollar spent (according to the category of each purchase) 1x to 4x Reward points for each dollar spent (according to the category of each purchase)
Logo American Express fundo branco

Applying for the American Express Gold card

Check out how to apply for the American Express Gold card and enjoy reward points, discounts, and many other benefits!

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