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Benefits: 1.5% cashback on every money spent, and 55 days interest-free period!

Capitec Global One Credit Card: Up to R500 000 credit limit.


Capitec’s Global One Credit Card is ideal for budgeting their finances. Not only does it come with an impressive credit limit of R500 000, but all cardholders can benefit from a 1% cash back guarantee on every purchase – plus 0.5% extra! This generous offer makes Capitec one of your best options for managing money responsibly!


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Capitec Global One Credit Card is an excellent card for those who want to earn while spending. Check out the main benefits!

Free travel insurance of up to R5 million;
Earn 3.50% yield on your positive balance;
55 days interest-free period;
It helps you build credit.

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Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and either employed or self-employed individual. Capitec requires a minimum monthly income; employed applications must earn R5000 and self-employed R10,000. They also need to present valid ID and bank documents, as well as proof of residence which cannot be older than 3 months from the time of application.

Capitec Global One Credit Card is a great way to manage your debt. This card offers a 55-day credit period before payment due dates, allowing you to find the resources necessary to pay off your Capitec credit card. Furthermore, Capitec has a user-friendly App for convenient payment. Making payments right away can help you save money on interest costs, and Capitec indicates how much extra savings there are when paying early.

You can apply for the Capitec credit card easily and quickly from three locations. The Capitec Bank branch provides in-person assistance to anyone wanting to apply for the Capitec credit card, making it even easier for those who are not tech-savvy to get started immediately. For those more comfortable with technology, you can apply online on Capitec’s website or through their app.

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Applying for the Capitec Global One Credit Card

Wondering how to apply for the Capitec Global One Credit Card? Then read on! Enjoy up to R5 million free travel insurance and earn cashback.

With the Capitec Global One Credit Card, you will have a limit of up to R500 000. However, you can also think of an alternative: Discovery Platinum Card.

This card has incredible cashback and several other benefits. Check out how to apply to get your card today!

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How to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card

Learn how to apply for the Discovery Platinum Card! Get up to 50% on local flights and more! Keep reading to learn how!

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