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Overcome your debts, pay your bills on time, and have everything you need on one card. Become credit friendly again!

Oportun® Visa® Card: Perfect for rebuilding credit


With the Oportun® Visa® Card, you’ll be able to get a chance of approval even with a fair credit score. Moreover, this can be the perfect credit card for rebuilding your credit or paying your bills after your credit history is hurt. Plus, you won’t find extremely high fees with this card!

Feeling a little bit interested? Maybe your feelings you be confirmed after you read this card’s four main benefits below.

A minimum credit history is required;
Annual fees range from $0 to $49;
Increase your limit overtime;
Application is easy and fast.

Oportun has a reputation for having extremely flexible credit score requirements. As a result, approved applicants must typically have a credit score between 300 and 700 to qualify. But those with no credit history are also eligible.

Oportun® Visa® Credit Card

Applying for the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card

If you are considering applying for an Oportun® card, here's some valuable information to guide you. We'll walk you through their process.

If we were right, and you are here because you need a credit card while also rebuilding your credit history, the Oportun® Visa® Card does not need to be your only option. The Fit MasterCard card is also available to everyone, regardless of their credit score.

So, if you’re interested in the FIT Mastercard, check out our post below to learn how to apply for it!

Applying for the Fit Mastercard card: learn how!

Facing financial trouble can happen to everybody. But you can always rebuild your economic life with good information and discipline. The Fit Mastercard can help you.

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