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Looking for an affordable card to help you build credit? You just found it!

Pelican Pledge Visa, Build a strong score with no exorbitant fees!


Boost your credit rating with the Pelican Pledge Visa – a secured credit card with an APR much lower than other cards in its category. Every month, your payments are reported to the major credit bureaus, making building your credit score super easy. Build your credit affordably now!


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Whether starting your credit journey or looking to rebuild, the Pelican Pledge Visa is designed to support your goals. Learn more about its main benefits:

$0 annual fee: No annual fees to worry about
Credit Reporting: Reports to major credit bureaus, strengthening your credit profile
Low APR: Benefit from a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for better interest savings
Credit Building: Helps build or establish credit

You will remain in the same website

The Pelican Points Visa is a credit card offered by the Pelican State Credit Union that requires a security deposit. It can be used to establish or improve credit. The Pelican Pledge Visa credit card is compatible with popular mobile payment platforms such as Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay and brings some other key features to make the most of your experience!

The Pelican Pledge Visa’s credit card limit is determined by the secured deposit and analysis of several factors, such as applicants’ creditworthiness and financial history.

To contact customer service for the Pelican State Credit Union Pledge Visa Credit Card, you can reach out to their helpline at 1-800-351-4877. Pelican Credit Union is a reputable organization with nationwide branches and free ATMs for customer support and services.

Pelican Pledge Visa

Apply For Pelican Pledge Visa

Apply for the Pelican Pledge Visa Like a Pro – build credit fast and achieve your financial goals! Read on!

Here is another Pelican credit card for you: The Pelican Points Visa. This credit card is a must-have for members who want to earn reward points, whether they’re saving up for a dream vacation or looking for the perfect present.

Keep an eye out for our next post on how to apply. Don’t miss your chance!

Pelican Points Visa

Earn Big Rewards: Apply for Pelican Points Visa

Get straightforward instructions to apply for the Pelican Points Visa! Earn points on every purchase and make the most of your money!

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