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Read on to learn about a perfect card for cashback and travel!

PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature®: earn travel perks and cashback!


The PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card offers incredible travel perks and rewards to its cardholders. Plus, you can earn up to $799 total travel value while using the card! Also, there is a highr rewards rate of up to 4x points on travel categories if your are a PenFed Honors Advantage Member!


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If you are anything like us, you know how some benefits can make a difference. Below you can take a look at some of the awesome perks that come with the PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card!

$0 annual fee for PenFed Honors Advantage Members;
Up to 4x points in rewards for PenFed members;
High welcome bonus for new cardholders;
0% intro APR period for balance transfers.

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PenFed is an excellent banking option for anyone with government or military ties. The Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers competitive APYs, as well as low fees and minimums on most accounts. There are numerous account options available. It is simple to withdraw and deposit funds into the majority of accounts.

Preapproval from PenFed does not secure you will be approved for their credit card. However, this process indicates that your chances of being approved are very high if you decide to continue with your application. In addition, soft inquiries have no impact on your score. Therefore, preapprovals have no impact on your credit score.

According to their customer service, the starting credit limit for one of Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s credit cards is typically around $5,000. Nevertheless, some cardholders report limits of up to $25,000.

PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card

Applying for the PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards

Read this article to learn about applying for a great travel rewards credit card, the PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card!

Not sure yet? We have another option for you. With the Upgrade Cash Rewards card, you can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on any purchase you make with the card. Plus, there is no annual fee!

So, see in our post below how you can apply for this powerful cashback card!

Upgrade Cash Rewards credit card

Applying for the Upgrade Cash Rewards card

If you want unlimited 1.5% cashback on any purchase you make, read on to learn about the Upgrade Cash Rewards card application!

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