Opening a Qtrade Investing account: learn how!

The Qtrade Investing account is your entry tool to trade stocks, ETFs, bonds and much more, using a highly informative trading platform. Learn how to open an account today!


by Danilo Pereira

Published on 04/25/2022

Qtrade Investing account: access to major North American markets through a highly informative trading platform

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A Qtrade investing account is one of the safest places to invest. The company boasts a long track record of high-level investor protection. Besides that, it is overseen by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). 

Applying for the Qtrade Investing account is a simple process that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, and you can do it online.


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QTrade Brokerage Platform

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Get access to over 100 commission-free ETFs, and the best customer service.

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Apply Online

Go to Qtrade’s website and on their homepage click on “Open an Account”. You are going to have to create a login to open your new account by providing your first and last legal names, an email address and creating a password.

You will receive a four-digit confirmation code in the same email you used to create your Login. Use that code to continue with the application process.

Once you have done that, you will need to select an account type, enter your personal info such as home address, country of residence, citizenship status, and few other things. 

You will also have to provide your financial background and confirm your identity. It should take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete an investor profile and upload your documents.

You will then have to e-sign and submit your application online. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email if your application has been approved, and tah-dah! You have your Qtrade investing account.

Learn more and start investing today!

Start investing today! Source: Adobe Stock

By creating a Qtrade Investing account, you get access to a number of traditional education tools such as tutorials, strategic videos or a platform experience account. Being well informed and in the possession of knowledge is the best way to avoid making costly investing mistakes.

Qtrade’s trading platform helps you make better decisions providing solid search, analyst recommendations, fundamental data and screeners, alert and order functions as well as portfolio reports.

If you would like to learn more about Canadian investment opportunities, we have prepared a quick beginners’ guide. Check it out on the link below.

Pilhas de moedas crescentes com miniaturas de casas

Start investing in Canada today!

Find the best investment opportunities in Canada. We'll give you the map.

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